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"Lydall Heat Exchangers"
Manufacturer of industrial and commerical custom heat exchangers

"A-1 Airtek"

A Young Company Focused On The Environment. We Have Proven This Through The Research And Development Of Our Products: The Recycling Containers And The Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers For Industrial, Commercial, And Residential Use.

"A.S.T.R.A. Refrigeranti Spa"

heat exchangers designed and manufactured by our company are subject to the inspection and test of well-known national and foreign boards and more

"Aaa Solar Service & Supply Inc."

Heat Exchangers Are Made To Transfer Heat Energy From A Source Here Its A Solar Collectors

"Aalborg Industries A/S"

Supplier Of Marine Boiler Systems, Thermal Fluid Heating Systems, Economisers, Heat Exchangers And Inert Gas Systems

"Ab & Co Thermal Transfer"

Process Air Heaters and Heat Exchangers and High Performance - Steam and Hot Oil and heat exchangers,etc

"Abk Cooling And Heating Systems"

Offers Services For Heat Exchanger Check - Up, Starting As Low As $19.95 A/C Check - Up, Starting As Low As $19.95

"Adair Construction Services."

Equipment Specifications For Heat Exchangers.

"Adams Equipment Company"

ADAMS EQUIPMENT COMPANY provides different types of models like Alfa Laval spiral heat exchanger,stainless steel 100 psi,600ºF

"Adamson Global Technology Corp"

Manufacturer Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Feedwater Heaters


Shell Tube Heat Exchangers In Stianless Steel

"Aero Heat Exchanger, Inc."

Become A Major Supplier Of Food Freezing Systems And Refrigeration Coils. Today, Aero Is One Of The Largest Industrial Coil Manufacturers In North America, And One Of The Leading Freezer Designer

"Affinity Chillers And Heat Exchangers"

World Wide Supplier Of Non-Refrigerated Heat Exchangers

"Affinity Industries Inc."

Affinity Industries Inc. supplier of Water Chillers & Non-refrigerated Heat Exchangers engineered to meet all your process cooling and more

"Afgo Mechanical Services, Inc"

Offers Services For Heat Exchangers Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers Direct Replacement Tube Bundles Asme-Certified Pressure Vessels On-Site Or In-House Repair And Retube Tank Erection.

"Air Solutions International Pty Ltd"

A Leading Manufacturer Of Air To Air And Gas To Gas Heat Exchangers - Aluminium,

"Air Treatment Corporation"

Offers Services For The Hvac Products Such As Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers, Heat Pump And More.


Manufactures Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers For The Natural Gas And Compression Industries

"Alabama Heat Exchangers, Inc."

Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers And Custom Fabricated Pressure Vessels & Heat Exchangers

"Alaskan Copper Works"

Has Been A Designer And Fabricator Of Shell-And-Tube Type Heat Exchangers

"Alconex Specialty Products, Inc."

Heat exchangers (stacked bar and foil type) Shaped DE-OX aluminum for steel industries,and more

"Alfa Laval"

Alfa Laval Plate Heat Exchangers In Hvac Applications-Space Heating, Tap Water Heating,Tempered Bath

"Alfa Laval Centrifuges"

Plate Heat Exchangers And Fresh Water Generators Available For Sale

"Alfa Laval Thermal Inc."

Provide Plate Heat Exchangers, Gasketed Heat Exchangers Brazed Heat Exchangers - Offer The Efficiency Of Plate Technology With The Ability To Open And Clean The Heat Transfer Surface Area.

"All New England Sales, Inc."

Heat exchangers are offered as either shell and tube or plate and frame design a wide variety of choices are available to meet your specific conditions of service and more

"Allegheny Bradford Corp"

Products Include Heat Exchanger, Specialized Tankage, Filter Housing Etc.,

"Allegheny Industrial Sales, Inc"

Air To Liquid Type Heat Exchangers Including: Economizers, Tube Bundles

"Alstom Energy Systems Shg Inc"

Installation Of A Heat Exchanger In A Full Scale Automotive Wind

"Alstrom Heat Exchangers Equipment"

Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers And Heat Recovery Heat Exchangers

"Altec International"

Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers For Cryogenic Application

"American Boiler Tank & Welding Co"

Offers Manufacturing, Fabrication And Repairs Of Api Storage Tanks, Heat Exchangers And Reactors

"American Energy Exchange"

Full Service Manufacturer Of Commercial, Industrial, And Institutional Air To Air Energy Recovery Sy

"American Fabrication And Boiler Inc.,"

Offer The Experience And Proven Technology, In Both Thermal And Mechanical Design , To Repair And Fabricate Pressure Vessels And Heat Exchangers.

"American Industrial Heat Transfer, Inc"

Produces Air-Cooled (Tube-Fin) And Liquid Cooled (Shell And Tube) Heat Exchangers.

"Ameritherm Induction Heating"

Manufacturer Of Radio Frequency Power Supplies, Heat Exchanger. Applications And Product Information For Induction Heating Of Metals And Conductive Materials In A Manufacturing Environment.

"Ames India"

Offers Hot Finished & Cold Drawn Seamless Pipes/Tubes Heat Exchanger And Condenser Seamless Pipes/Tubes

"Ams Technologies Gmbh"

Offers Lytron Copper Tube Heat Exchanger Lytron Aspen Heat Exchanger Heat Exchangers Hytek Temperature Controller For Thermoelectrics And More.

"Anderson Tube Company, Inc."

Stocking Distributor Of Quality American Made Boiler Tubes, Condenser Tubes & Heat Exchanger Tubing

"Api Heat Transfer Inc."

API strives to provide much more than just heat exchangers,Process and Refrigeration Heat Transfer applications and how they may be met by a number of API heat exchanger solutions and more

"Applebee Radiator"

Applebee Radiator & Auto Parts,Radiator Sales & Repair,Radiators,Heat Exchangers,Oil Coolers,Charge Air Coolers,Glass Sales & Repair,Used Auto Parts,Applebee Radiators,Applebee Auto Parts

"Apv Hungary Kft.,"

Offers More Advanced Solutions Using Corrugated Tubular, Shell And Plate Or Duo-Safety Heat Exchange


heat exchangers with consuming cold water connection to the buttom inlet and warm water outlet at the top as well as a circulation circuit, with return flow normally and more

"Arco Solar Lasers"

Heat Exchangers For 44 Inches And 82 Inches Tall

"Arrow Heating And Air Conditioning"

Manufacturer Of Primary And Secondary Heat Exchanger.

"Asarums Industri Ab"

Scandinavias Largest Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers-Dry Coolers,Condensers,Fan Coil Units,Etc


Its A Largest Souther India Industrial Where There Is The Somew Amount Of Heat Exchangers ..

"Atb System"

Keeping Your Refrigeration Condenser Or Heat Exchanger Tubes Clean Is Critical For Proper Top Performance

"Atlas Industrial Manufacturing Co."

Designers And Manufacturers Of Heat Exchangers & Equipment

"Ba Controls, Inc"

Manufactures Heat Exchanger Systems For Use In The Hvac, Plumbing And Process Industries.

"Baker Coal And Wood Stoves"

Offers The Patented Baker Heat Exchanger , Baker Coal And Wood Stoves Come With A 5-Year Limited Warranty

"Baker Furnace, Inc."

Thermal And Catalytic Oxidizers With Recuperative Heat Exchangers.

"Balcke-Durr, Inc."

Designs, Builds And Repairs Concrete, Wood And Fiberglass Cooling Towers And Heat Exchange

"Bamko Surplus Process Equipment"

Sell Surplus Process Plants And Equipment ,Turbines, Heat Exchangers Etc.,

"Baxcounsel Inspection Bureau Pvt. Ltd."

Designing Of Process Equipment Like Pressure Vessels And Heat Exchangers

"Begell House, Inc.,"

The Most Extensive Published Collection Of Information On Heat Exchangers And The Related

"Berghof/America, Inc."

Heat Exchangers- Non Corrosive,Resistant To Shock,Resistant To Fouling.

"Boatmans I-Net Marine"

Sells The Most Complete Line Of Heat Exchangers, Period! Heat Exchangers Are Available

"Bright International"

Manufacturer & Exporter Of Chilling Plants, Ice Pants&Heat Exchangers, Valves & Pipe Fittings

"Britannia Heat Transfer Ltd"

Specialist Design And Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers And Components For Marine

"Britannia Marine Services Ltd"

Marine Diesel Engines Spare Parts, Machinery And Deck Equipment, Britannia Marine can supply all types of heat exchangers and more

"Bronswerk Heat Transfer"

Heat Transfer`s strength lies in the field of heat exchangers, especially where it concerns the manufacture and design of heat exchangers and air-cooled coolers and more

"Brown Fintube"

Process Heat Exchangers-Used In A Wide Variety Of Services On Both Light And Heavy Fluids.

"Buffalo Technologies Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers,Dryers,Distillation Systems.

"Building Design"

The Manufacturers Of A Wide Range Of Heat Exchangers To Suit Most Hvac Applications,S & P coils Heat Exchangers & Heat Pipes and more

"Bulkflow Technologies Inc."

a leading supplier of coolers and heaters for powder and bulk solids,the Bulkflow Heat Exchanger is proven, cost effective solution for heating and cooling bulk solid materials.

"Bullows Paint Equipment Private Ltd."

Established More Than 25 Years Ago And Manufacturing The Following:- Ovens & Air Heat Exchangers, Heater Box Etc

"Burner Design And Control, Inc"

Industrial Air-To-Air Heat Exchangers And Provides The Finest In Combustion, Process Control, And Flow Metering Equipment.

"Burnham Corporation"

Burnham Corporation Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Boilers, Furnaces And Related Accessories For Residential, Commercial And Industrial Applications. The Company Provides High Value, High Quality Products Backed By Superior Service.

"By-Cast N.V"

Air Preheater Is A Static Recuperative Heat Exchanger Primarily Designed To Recycle Waste Heat From Combustion Processes By Preheating The Air Supply To The Burners

"C & J Engineering Service Port, Inc."

Offers Process Equipments Basic Design, Mechanical Detail Design, Drawings Heat Exchangers, Etc.,

"C P Tech"

Design and/or Check of Heat Exchangers and Heat Exchange,HTFS-TASC (S&T Heat-exchangers design & performance simulation Program) and more

"C.D.L. Technology, Inc."

Heat Exchanger And Condenser Restoration Systems, Mechanical And Chemical Tube Scrubbing

"Camac Industries"

A Leading Manufacturer Of Corrosion Resistant Pumps, Filters, Heat Exchangers

"Canadian Boiler Industries Inc."

Economizers For Both Small And Large Industrial Boilers,Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers,Steam Boilers

"Canadian Tubular Industries, Ltd."

Canadian tubular industries, Ltd. is a service company that specializes in the restoration of condensers and heat exchangers and more

"Canaley Process Equipment"

Lightnin Mixers-Liquid Mixers For Industrial And Sanitary Use. Alfa Laval-Plate, Plate Coil, Spiral, Welded Brazed Heat Exchangers For Industrial Use. Alfa Laval Food Inc-Plate And Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

"Cannon Boiler Works, Inc"

Cannon A Leader In The Heat Recovery , Heat Exchange Repairing Field. Cannon Manufactures Economizers For Both Small And Large Industrial Boilers, Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers, Waste Heat Recovery Steam Generators,

"Cape Heat Exchange"

Cape Town, is a manufacturer of heat exchange products as well as being a major supplier of radiator cores and accesories to the radiator ,etc

"Cape Heat Exchange (Pty) Ltd."

A Manufacturer Of Heat Exchange Products As Well As Being A Major Supplier Of Radiator Cores

"Carbone Of America"

Worlds Premier Manufacturer Of Graphite Heat Exchangers And Chemical Equipment Division

"Carmagen Engineering, Inc."

Specializes In Piping Systems, Storage Tanks, Pressure Vessels, Fired Equipment, And Heat Exchangers

"Caryaire Equipments India Pvt. Ltd"

Introduces, In Technical A Range Of Heat Transfer Coils For Cooling Or Heating With Water And For Use With R-22 Or Other Modern Cfc Free Refrigerants In Air Cooled Condensers Or Evaporator Application

"Cbm Industrial Radiators Pty Ltd"

CBM Radiators can supply a complete range of Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers utilising a variety of materials and more

"Changsha Copper & Aluminum Materials Co., Ltd."

Copper Alloy Tube For Heat-Exchanger, Copper Tube For Heat-Exchanger Of Air Conditioner,Continuously Extruded Aluminum Tube

"Changzhou Consol Energy Co,Ltd"

established by the Wujin Real Estate Development General Company and Consol International Holdings (BVI).The inventor of this solar energy vacuum collector-Yukun Pei is a specialist in glass and ceramic , and a consultant for our corporation. Corporation can undertake large-scale solar energy projects and residential solar water heater applications.

"Charles Wait Process Plant Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Process Vessels,Heat Exchangers And Filling Machines

"Chem Resist"

range of thermoplastic shell and tube heat exchangers has been developed to offer a practical high corrosion alternative to the thermal shock susceptible carbon block or glass and high cost exotic alloy metal heat exchangers and more

"Chemex Inc"

Chemex Inc provides a worldwide operating supplier of CHEMICALS and Valves, Plates, Tubes, Heat Exchangers and more

"Chemitherm Plants And Systems Ltd"

Designers , Engineers , Manufacturers , Erection & Field Services Oh Heat Exchangers

"Chempute Software"

process flowsheet simulation, pipe stress analysis, pressure vessel and heat exchanger design, hydraulic flow calculations, finite element analysis, plant cost estimation, and chemical properties estimation and more

"Cherokee Scaffolding Co., Inc."

Service Contractor, Rentals And Sales. Also Providing Heat Exchanger Fabrication, Repair

"Chiller City"

Other Industrial Recirculating Water Chillers, Baths, Heat Exchangers, Services.

"Chiller Services, Inc."

Performing Quality Heat Exchanger Repairs, Coatings And Non-Destructive Current Analysis Since 1985. Their Service Group Is Comprised Of Individuals Who Have Been In The Industry For Over 20 Years

"China Engineers Associates, Inc"

One Of Main Manufacturers Of Tank, Vessel, Heat Exchanger, Pipe And Air Cooler Of Taiwan


Fabrication Of Building.Will Also Added To The Heat Exchange Process

"Coherent Scientific"

Coherent Offer Two Types Of Heat Exchangers Water To Water Heat Exchangers And Water To Air

"Coil Company Pvt. Ltd.,"

"The Company Has Become One Of The Front Runners In The Discipline Of \\"" Heat Transfer Technology \\"". Since Its Inception, The Company Has Made Rapid Strides In The Field Of Heat Transfer Technology And Has Helped Indian Industry To Grow And Excel To Pl"

"Combustion Systems And Controls"

Offers Boiler Accesories Such As Control Systems Heat Exchangers Deaerators Boiler Feedwater Systems Condensate Returns Bottom Blowdown Surface Blowdown.

"Commercial Coils Inc."

Offers Hvac(Heat Exchangers), Contactus, Original Installation,Replacement Coils, Tube Bundles, Domestic, Foreign, Water, Steam, Refridgeration, Low Factory Direct Prices, Fast Delivery

"Compass Interactive Bv"

Leading Manufactures Of Heat Exchangers Made From Fine Wires

"Conco Systems, Inc"

Offers A Complete Line Of Tube Plugs For Sealing Off Condenser Tubes, Heat Exchanger Tubes And Tube Sheets.

"Condensing Heat Exchanger Corp. - Chx"

Heat lost up the stack was in exchange for keeping the flue gas temperature above the water vapor dew point to protect the air heater or economizer from acid corrosion and more

"Consolidated Restoration Systems Inc.,"

Specializes In Heat Exchanger Restoration In The Following Industries: Power Generation, Naval & Marine, Petrochemical And Refineries.

"Continental Equipment Company, Inc"

Offers Wide Range Of Heat Exchangers,and different types of models like Heat Exchanger, 75/120 PSI, Stainless Steel, Hunt Tool,Heat Exchanger, 75 PSI, Titanium Plates, Nixon,etc

"Cooler Service Company, Inc."

Manufactures Air Cooled Heat Exchangers For The Natural Gas Industry

"Core-In-Kettle® Heat Exchangers"

"Core-In-Kettle® Heat Exchangers Standard ""Kettle"" Type Shell-And-Tube Heat Exchangers ."

"County Burner & Machinery Corp."

Proudly Providing San Diego And Imperial Counties With Quality Heat Exchanger And Boiler Room Services And Parts.

"Cti Industries, Inc."

Cti Industries, Inc. Is A Service Company That Specializes In The Restoration Of Condensers And Heat Exchanger Repair.

"Culpepper Radiator Service"

skilled technicians and modern high-tech equipment provide fast, reliable service for the radiator and heat exchanger aftermarket. We proudly combine old-fashioned craftsmanship and modern, state-of-the-art procedures to meet our customer`s most specialized needs ,etc

"Cust-O-Fab, Inc."

Cust-O-Fab, Inc. providing different types of models All nickels, 300 and 400 series stainless steel, low alloys, lo temp and carbon steel, weld overlay and heat exchangers,mill clads,etc

"Dantherm Hms, Inc.,"

Present A Product Line That Fits A Wide Range Of Uses. Heat Exchangers For Electronics Enclosures, Electrical Enclosures And Telecommunications Enclosures.

"Dectra Corporation"

Is A Consulting Engineering Firm That Specializes In Clean Burn Wood Fired Boilers, Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

"Demarco Energy Systems Of America, Inc."

Exclusive Manufacturer Of The Demarco Energy Miser System Heat Exchangers

"Des Champs Laboratories Incorporated"

Developing Innovative Solutions For Energy Recovery, Outside Air Conditioning, Quality, Heat Exchanger,packages incorporate auxiliary heating and cooling, along with any type of refrigeration and air-to-air heat exchanger and more

"Didions Mechanical"

Include Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers,Condensers, Tanks, Piping Etc.,

"Doucette Industries, Inc."

Suction Line Heat Exchangers Improve Refrigeration System

"Drake Air Inc"

"Manufacture And Distribute Many Types Of Components To Include; Oil Coolers, Fuel Heaters, Heat Exchangers, Precoolers, Condensers,Evaporators, Inner Coolers"

"Dry Coolers Inc."

Cooling Towers, Pumping Stations, Heat Exchangers, Chillers, Dry Coolers, Closed Loop Cooling Systems, Shell And Tube Exchangers, Heat Recovery Equipment.

"Dunn Heat Exchangers Inc."

Specializes In The Design, Fabrication, Unfire Shell And Tube Type Heat Exchange


Company Manufacturing Industrial Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels And Process Equipement.

"Dynatherm Alloys Pvt. Ltd."

Manufacturers Of Heat Exchangers Andexotic Metals Liketitanium Nickel

"Eagle Industries"

Manufactures Tube Cleaning Tools And Systems Used To Clean Condensers And Heat Exchanger Tubes

"Eclipse, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Industrial Process Heating Products, Systems And Services...From Burners, Combustion Systems And Control Technologies To Heat Exchangers And Vaporizers.

"Eddy Current Technology Incorporated"

Manufactures Eddy Current Equipment For Heat Exchanger Tube Inspection

"Electric Fan Engineering Inc."

"ranging in size up to 30"" diameter as well as custom designed units are available for many types of heat exchanger applications including radiator, A/C condenser, charged air engine oil, hydraulic oil, transmission oil, etc"

"Energy Plant Services Limited"

Supplier And Servicer Of Water Tube Boilers, Grates, Deaerators, Heat Exchangers.

"Energy Products Of Idaho"

Offers Gas To Heat Energy Heat Exchangers

"Enerquip, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers Used In A Wide Range Of Industrial Applications.

"Enginemates Heat Transter Pvt. Ltd."

Ultimate In Air Cooled Heat Exchangers,a typical air cooled application impeller air flow is used to cool medias flowing through banks of heat exchangers and more

"Eos Technologies."

Technology In Breeze: Air-Oil Heat Exchanger,Wind: Air-Oil Heat Exchanger

"Est Group, Inc.,"

A Global Manufacturer And Designer Of Pipe And Tube Pressure Testing And Plugging Equipment. We Specialize In Tools And Systems That Simplify The Maintenance Of All Types Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

"Eurocoil Heat Exchangers"

A Qualified Partner For Machines Manufacturers Of Heating, Private And Industrial Air-Conditioning,heats founders matured on the study, design and manufacturing of finned block heat exchangers and more

"Exergy Incorporated"

Exergy Incorporated manufactures a broad line of stainless steel (316L) miniature heat exchangers, one of which is sure to fit your heat transfer application and more

"Exothermics Tubular Inc.,"

Leading Source Of Reliable, High-Quality, Heat Exchangers For Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

"Extended Fin Incorporated"

Manufacturer Of High Quality Replacement Fin Tubes For The Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Industry

"Fact Engineering Works"

Design & Fabrication Of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers And Storage Tanks

"Ferrotec America"

Thermoelectric Modules And Assemblies, Including Heat Exchangers,it providing different types of models like ArcticTM Cold Plates Air-to-Surface,ArcticTM Heat Exchangers Air-to-Liquid,ArcticTM Heat Exchangers Liquid-to-Liquid,and more

"Fine-Wire Heat Exchangers"

Heat Exchangers And Improved Fans To Improve The Performance Of Heat Pumps. Site Has Information About Low-Temp Heating, Energy Storage, And Heat Pump Technology.

"Finfoam By K-Mont Industries, Inc"

The Rate At Which Your Heat Exchanger Units Cool Has A Dramatic Effect On Your Production Capability And, Consequently, On Your Company¹S Bottom Line

"Flatplate, Inc."

Manufactures A Full Line Of Refrigeration, Hydronic Heating And Industrial Process Heat Exchangers.

"Fluid Dynamics Corporation.,"

Distributor Of A Wide Array Of Process Equipment To Include Pumps, Fiberglass Pipe, Heat Tracing, Tanks, Heat Exchangers

"Fluid Handling-Itt Industries"

A flooded heat exchanger will permit the oxygen to dissolve, as well as carbon dioxide and other gases found in the steam and will tend to decrease the efficiency of the heat exchanger and reduce the heat transfer through the tubes,etc

"Fluorotherm Polymers Inc."

Fluorotherm Installs Immersion Heat Exchangers In World Largest Acid Pickle Tank

"Foster-Miller, Inc"

Foster-Miller Is Applying New Materials Technology For Lighter, More Efficient Heat Exchangers

"Frigoterm Refrigeration International Co."

Offers Installation, Supervision And Maintenance Services For Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, Water Treatment Equipment, Etc.,

"Fxweb Web Technologies"

Standard And Custom Electrical And Electronic Enclosures, Heat Exchangers

"G-Mar Plus L.T.D."

Data For Calcuation Plate Heat Exchangers,The performance of one exchanger is from the tens of KW to the units of MW, according to the type and parameters of media and more

"G.R.Engineering Works Ltd"

Horton Sphere & Mounded Vessels For Gas Storage, Along With Heat Exchangers

"Gary Richards, Co"

Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Air conditioning, HVAC, Refrigeration, all types of Gas fired and Heating equipment, Heat Exchangers, Turbomachinery, including Fans and Compressors, and related equipment,etc

"Gateway Supply Co."

Gosset Heat Exchangers Are Sold At Discounted Prices And Ready For Delivery At Gateway Supply.

"Gea Ecoflex Gmbh"

Gasketed Plate Heat Exchangers From Gea Ecoflex-The Varitherm Heat Exchanger System Extends To 23 Different Plate Types,Safetytherm Is A Special Double Wall Plate Heat Exchanger,Free-Flow Plate Heat Exchangers For Applications Of Conventional Systems

"Gea Ecoflex North America, Inc."

Heat Exchangers Transfer Heat Between Two Liquids That Flow Oneither Side Of The Corrugated Plate

"Gei Hamon Industries Limited"

Manufacturers Of Heat Exchangers And Finned Tubes, Industrial Chimneys And Air Pollution Control.

"George Fischer."

New Polyethylene Heat Exchangers Offer Increased Heat Transfer Capacity,Sigma Natural Polypropylene Piping System Offers Cost-Effective Alternative to Stainless Steel and more

"George Marker & Sons"

Specializes In Helping You With Boiler Repair, Heat Exchangers, Condensors, High Pressure Tanks, Asme Code Tanks & Pressure Vessels

"Global Heat Exchanger, Inc"

Has Completely Revolutionized Maintenance Of Tubes In Heat Exchangers, Chemical Reactors, Condensers

"Glowcore A.C. Inc."

Products Include Gas Fired Boilers,Gas Fired Water Heaters,Heat Exchanger & Combustion Air Blower.

"Gooch Thermal Systems"

Spiral plate heat exchangers and heat transfer surface is normally accessible for inspection or manual cleaning simply by removing the covers, and more


Air To Water Heat Exchangers,Oil To Water Heat Exchangers.

"Graham Manufacturing Co."

plate heat exchanger High thermal efficiency. Patented design locks the gasket in and eliminates leakage. High turbulence provides excellent transfer coefficients while minimizing fouling and more

"Graham Precision Pump Ltd.,"

Products Include Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps, Dry Vacuum Pumps, Rotary Piston High Vacuum Pumps, Jets, Condensers And Heat Exchangers.

"H. Ertel, Inc."

We Offer A Complete Range Of Industrial Cooling Equipment Including Heat Exchangers

"Harris Equipment"

Supplying The Best Equipment, Spare Parts, Field Maintenance, And Equipment Rebuilding Sell And Service Air Compressors, Heat Exchangers, And Vacuum Systems.

"Heat Excange Applied Technology"

H.E.A.T manufacturers each air-cooled heat exchanger to custom specifications, we insist on uncompromising standards to meet your unique requirements and more

"Heat Exchanger Design, Inc"

Heat Exchanger Design, Inc. Has More Than 15 Years Of Valuable Experience In Design And Manufacturing Of Heat Exchangers And Pressure Vessels For Companies Around The Globe.

"Heat Exchanger Systems, Inc"

A Consulting Engineering And Nondestructive Examination Firm. Hes Provides Comprehensive Services For The Condition Assessment Of Power Plant Heat Exchangers And Condensers.

"Heat Exchangers Online"

distributes heat exchangers for the heating and cooling industry.

"Heat Siphon"

Heat Siphon provides different types of modles like ALL STAINLESS STEEL Cabinet Fasteners LIFETIME TITANIUM and PVC Heat Exchanger,etc

"Heat Transfer"

Providing Aluminium Tubing Solutions For Various Aoutmotive Heat Exchanger Components

"Heat Transfer Consultants, Inc"

Heat Transfer Consultants Are Currently In The Finishing Stages Of Developing A Unique Mechanical Design Software Package.

"Heat Transfer Consultants, Inc."

Offers Comprehensive Windows Based Software For Thermal Design And Analysis Of Shell And Tube And Air Cooled Heat Exchangers

"Heat Transfer Research & Development Ltd"

Manufacturers Of Automotive Heat Exchangers

"Heat Transfer Research, Inc."

Design, Rating, And Simulation Of Air-Cooled Heat Echangers, Economizer Bundles, And Air Preheaters.

"Heatco Inc & Packaged Burner Systems Inc"

Specialized In Providing Commercial And Industrial Clients Hot Water And Steam Systems. Today They Continue This Tradition Andn Focus On Heating Section Solutions For O.Em`S.


Offers Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger Is Little Limited On Pressure, Temperature In Design

"Heatex Changer Experts."

The Only Place For Furnace And Utility Technicians And Home Inspectors To Learn The Proper Procedures To Safety Check Heat Exchangers, And How To Increase Safety, Sales And Profits Immediately


Specialized Heatran`S Engineers, Using The Latest Computer Design Tools And More Than 55 Years Of Combined Experience In Heat Exchanger Design

"Heatric Ltd"

Heatric Ltd Manufacture The Market Leading Printed Circuit Heat Exchanger

"Heft Engineers"

Design & Manufacture Almost Every Thing Related To Thermal Transfer Industry. Products Include Spiral Wound Finned Tubes, Integral Finned Tubes, Related Air Cooled Heat Exchangers & Varieties Of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

"Hennigan Engineering Company Inc.,"

Comprehensive Boiler Cleaning Comprehensive Boiler Cleaning Heat Exchanger Tube Cleaning Served A Broad Spectrum Of Utility, Industrial, And Commercial Clients.

"Hetsco, Inc."

Manufacturer`s representative for industrial duty heat transfer equipment and pollution control equipment and more

"Hexeco, Inc"

Specializing In The Design And Manufacture Of Bearing Oil Coolers. For Heating

"High Country Fabrication, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers Pressure Vessels, Process Towers,

"High Performance Tube, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Integral Low Fin Tubing,Heat Exchangers

"Holt Corporation"

Supplied The Marineindustry For Years With Exact Replacement Eat Exchangers For Their Gas

"Hrs Heat Exchangers Limited."

Providing Complete Plate Heat Exchanger Solutions.Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers.

"Hudson Products Corporation"

Services For Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers,Axial Flow Fans,Tank, Vessel Process Heaters, Finned Tubing,

"Hughes-Anderson Heat Exchangers, Inc"

We Design And Build Only Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers,Primarily For The Petroleum Refining

"Hughes-Treitler Mfg. Corp."

Over 50 Years Of Experience In The Design, Development, Manufacture, And Aftermarket Support Of Custom Design Heat Exchangers (Fuel/Oil, Air/Oil, Air/Air, Hydraulic Oil, Multi Circuit, Fail Safe, Buffer Coolers, Pre-Coolers


Heat Exchanger Inspection Systems, Inspection Systems, Heat Exchangers.

"Hyde And Associates Engineering Inc"

The Hyde Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger For Sludge Heating In Waste Water Treatment Plants


Hydro-Extractor Is The Original Heat Exchanger Tube Bundle Puller. Choose One Of Seven Standard Models, Or Let Us Build One For Your Special Application

"Hydro-Tron Products Co., Inc."

Manufacturing Steam Generators, Heat Exchangers, Cooling Towers,Ice Makers, Irrigation

"Hydropro, Inc."

Designs, Manufactures, And Sells Its Own Line Of Products Tailored To The Boiler And Heat Exchanger Markets.

"Hydropro, Inc."

Designs, Manufactures, And Sells Its Own Line Of Products Tailored To The Boiler And Heat Exchanger Markets.

"Hydrothrift Corporation"

Shell And Tube Or Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers

"Iag Industrie"

an Heat Exchanger for a nitrogen plant,they providing different types of models like Its weight is amounting to 85 tons with a length of 14,9 m and a Ø of 1,5 m,etc

"Ice Qube Heat Exchangers"

Cooling Solutions For Electronic And Communication Enclosures Like Heat Exchanges With Specifiecations Like Side Mount And Top Mount.

"Ideal Distributors."

Distributors Of Electronic Ignition Boiler,Electric Heaters And Heat Exchangers.

"Indhex Ab"

Manufacturer Of Plastic Air To Air Heat Exchanger For Ventilation, Dehumidifying

"Industrial Heat Exchanger Heating Cooling Finned Coils"

Heat Exchangers,Industrial Heat Exchangers,Process Heat Exchangers,Heating Coil,Cooling Coil,Chilled Coil,Marlo Coil,Marlo Stratomizer,Steam Coil and more

"Industrial Process Equipment Corporation"

Heat Exchangers, Condensors, Double Pipe Heat Exchangers

"Industrial Steel & Boiler Service, Inc."

Full Asme Certified Boiler Repairs, Valve Repairs (Gate, Globe, Check, Control, Etc.), Steel Fabrication, Heat Exchanger Retubing, Asme Code Welding, Plus Numerous Related Service

"Industrial Technology"

Most Proprietary Shell-And-Tube Heat Exchangers And Oil Coolers Feature

"Industrie Meccaniche Di Bagnolo S.P.A."

Today, Industrie Meccaniche Di Bagnolo S.P.A. Presents The Most Advanced Technology About Shell & Tubes Heat Exchangers: The Helixchanger

"Ingalls Process Equipment Co"

Industrial Heat Exchanger,Shell And Tube, 240 Psi Tubes, Stainless Steel.

"Insul-Tech Inc"

Heating and cooling ducts, heat exchangers and condensers, process piping, storage tanks, boilers, basically any insulation work on high and low temperature mechanical systems, and more

"Integrated Engineering Software Inc."

3 Dimensional Heat Transfer Analysis For Applications Such As Heat Exchangers,Electronic Packaging.


all types of projects in the fabrication field, including storage, process and fermenting vessels, heat exchangers, road tankers for bulk milk transportations, pressure and non-pressure mixing vessels and more

"International Contractors, Inc."

In-Shop Fabrication - Heat Exchangers - Complete Turnkey Project Or Piece Work - Established As A General Contractor Worldwide For Ten Years.

"Irish & Associates"

Offers Several Lines Of Heat Exchangers To Meet Customer`S Exacting Needs. Their Professionals Will Be Glad To Size And Pick The Best Type Of Heat Exchanger For You Application Needs.

"Isi Asia. Pet Ltd.,"

The Factory Is Capable Of Producing Die Plate Up To 4,000 Holes And With Different Hard Surface - Wc, Tic. Both Heat Channel And Heat Exchange Type With Various Plate

"Itt Corporation"

Brazepak Heat Exchanger Brings On A New Wave Of Competitive Racing.

"Itt Standard"

Manufactures A Complete Line Of High Quality Heat Exchangers

"J. L. Hermon & Associates, Inc"

The Shell-And-Tube Heat Exchanger Is Extremely Flexible In Its Choice Of Materials

"J.A. Reinhardt & Co., Inc."

Retailer & Whole Seller Of Heat Exchangers / Thermal Engineering

"James & James (Science Publishers) Ltd"

Paraflow Plate Heat Exchangers For Heat Recovery Schemes.

"James Howden And Co. Ltd."

Industrial Fans, Ventilation Fans, Blowers, Heat Exchangers

"Jaynix Engineering Corporation"

Manufacturers Of Sheet Metal Press Parts, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers Etc.,

"Je Hall"

Offers Water Chillers Air Conditioning Plate Freezers Air Filters Plate Heat Exchangers

"Jet Stream Atlantic"

SEC heat exchangers are used in commercial, industrial, and process applications. Where applicable the ASME code symbol is applied. A very large stock of heat exchangers is available for immediate delivery and more

"Jfd Tube & Coil Products, Inc."

Has Built A Strong Reputation For Providing High Quality Heat Transfer Products Like Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, New & Replacement Tube Bundles And More.

"John D. Howell & Associates"

HOT WATER SPECIALIST TTP Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers and more

"John D. Howell And Associates,"

Manufacturer`S Representive,and distributer of Hydronic And Steam Specialist For Hydronic Cooling And Heating.(Boiler, Heat Exchanger)

"Joseph Oat Corporation."

Designer And Fabricator Of Reactors, Columns, Heat Exchangers.

"Joy Industries"

Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers and it provides various models Aircooled Heat Exchangers ,Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers ,and more

"Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc.,"

Provide Expert Design, Installation, And Service For Air To Air Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps, Gas-Oil Electric Systems

"Kam Thermal"

heat transfer products are superior in the industry because of its commitment to working closely with customers in designing each heat exchanger and more

"Keller & Associates, Inc."

Offers Advanced Thermal Solutions Equipment Shell Tubes Hairpin Exchanger Exchangers Heat Steam Ejectors Air Cooler Vent Condenser Fired Heaters Vacuum Systems Vapor Recovery Burners Flares Incinerators Electric Oil Panel Coils

"Kempker Associates"

provide high quality heat exchangers to petrochemical, power and general industries, large, high-pressure shell and tube exchangers to finned-tube tank heaters and more


Kenics® Static Mixer Technology, Available Exclusively In Kenics® Heat Exchangers,and more

"Kerr Heating Products"

Leader In Heating Equipment Innovation, Kerr Heating Products Designed The Advanced Chamber Free Heat Exchanger For Furnaces And Boilers.

"Kewanee Boiler Manufacturing Co. Inc"

Offers Conductivity Controller (Surface Blowdown Solid State Intermittent Sampling) Surface Blowdown Heat Recovery System(Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger With Auto Proportioning Valve)

"Kildee Scientific Glass Company"

"Standard Heat Exchangers (24 Long) Are Available design allows for a faster turnover of heat exchange medium resulting in greater exchange efficiency over spiral wound ""series"" coils,etc"

"Kinetic Engineering"

Heat Exchangers, Shell And Tube Heat Exchanges, Plate And Frame Heat Exchangers

"Kjp Titanium"

Heat Exchangers Separators, Reactors, Vessels, Agitators, Columns, Tanks, Etc

"Koch Industries, Inc."

Design And Manufacture Transformer Oil Valves And Heat Exchangers.

"Kombinova Teplotechnica Ltd."

"Main Products Are Boilers, Heat Exchangers And District Heating Pipes; Usually As A Turn Key Delivery. Main Services Include Import Of Equipment, Installation And Commissioning Works, Approvals At The Authorities, And After Sales Services"

"Kooltronic, Inc.,"

The Kooltronic Standard Line Of Heat Exchangers Is One Of The Most Versatile Available

"Korea Heat Exchanger Ind. Co., Ltd"

A Manufacturer And Exporter Of Heat Exchangers For Oil Refineries / Power Plants. A Leader In Industrial Heat Exchangers Design And Manufacture For These Day

"Kth Sales"

Suppliers Of High Quqlity Of Heat Exchangers,use of steam or hot water flowing within the the tubes of the exchanger will transfer heat from your source to the liquid within the tank. Temperature control is obtained by controlling the flow of liquid through the heat exchanger,etc

"Kundinger Controls"

Making Industry That Would Constantly Plug Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

"L. A. Welding & Mechanical, Inc."

Boiler Repair & Boiler Installation Heat Exchangers Repaired, Sample Pictures Of Completed Boiler Jobs:

"L.A. Boiler Works Inc.,"

Manufactures Of Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Steam Generation, And Heat Exchange Industries.


Manufacturing Replacement Heat Exchangers And Coolers For Marine Engines.

"Lg Metals Corp."

Comprising A Comprehensive Range Of Grades And Sizes, Lg Stainless Steel Welded Tubes And Pipes.Tubes For Boiler & Heat Exchanger-A249,G3463

"Lmh, Inc."

product range includes pumps, valves, mixers, corrosion resistant pipe and hose, as well as engineered products such as evaporators, heat exchanges and filtration systems with an expanded repair and service capability,and more

"Lochinvar Corporation"

Offer Modulation Of Gas And Air, Gasketless Heat Exchanger, And Digital Temperature Control. Manufacturing High Efficieny Water Heaters, Boilers, And Pool Heaters,

"Loikits Technologies, Inc."

Deltatherm Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers Have Lower Pressure Drop Than Other Heat Exchangers.

"Long Manufacturing"

The Heat Exchangers Which Long Produces Are Manufactured In 12 Focused-Factories Located Across Canada, The United States And Mexico

"Lord Fabrication & Service Inc."

Manufacturers Of Popular Brand Heat Exchangers For Heating And Cooling Applications.

"Lytron Total Thermal Solutions"

High Performance Recirculating Chillers, Non-Refrigerated Modular Cooling Systems, Heat Exchangers

"M & R Asset Recovery Division"

Offers Clients An Opportunity To Recuperate Capital From Industrial Used Heat Exchangers&Other Surplus Equipment, Through Our Asset Recovery Division And Online Asset Exchange . Also Offering The Sales Of Used Heat Exchangers Through Online

"M And W Systems"

heat exchangers may be separately purchased and used in applications where no refrigeration is required,M and W heat exchangers are engineered for maximum cooling efficiency and reliable performance and more

"M&W Systems"

Hermetically-Sealed Compressors And High Efficiency Heat Exchangers

"Marine Partsfinders Plus"

Optional Heat Exchanger Models Provide Maximum Flexibility For Water Heating Needs

"Martell Associates"

Mixers, Metering Pumps, Agitators Heat Exchangers In New England

"Mason Mfg., Inc"

Can Design And Fabricate A Broad Range Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers


Provide Technical Data Sheets - Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger, Air-Cooled Heat Exchanger, Pressure Vessel.


Design And Manufacture Of Desalination Equipment, Industrial Purification Plants, Pharmaceutical Distillation Units, Pure Steam Generators, Marine Heat Exchangers And Pumps

"Melrose Metal Products"

Melrose Metal Products Is A Full Service Industrial Contractor And Metal Work Manufacture That Serves The Entire West Coast Including: California, Washington, Oregon & Nevada-Therm-A-Core Heat Exchangers

"Memphremagog Heat Exchangers, Inc."

Offering Indoor Air Quality Solutions For Residential, Light Commercial And Professional Buildings


L&M Radiator Makes Mesabi Heat Exchangers For All Kinds Of Heavy-Duty Equipment The Heat Exchanger Core Is Made Of Individual Cooling Tubes

"Metalforms Inc.,"

Provide Services To Design,Licensed Fabricator For Phillips Petroleum Rod Baffle Technology and it providing shell and tube heat exchangers,air cooled heat exchangers,etc

"Mico Equipment"

Offers Heat Exchangers & Replacement Parts Instrumentation & Repair, Lubricants & Safety Supplies


A Unique Software Intended For Pressure Vessel And Shell And Tubes Heat Exchanger Mechanical Design In Accordance With Several Pressure Vessel Design Codes

"Mid American Energy Inc"

Fresh Air Exchanger Is A Way To Effectively Exchange Fresh Outside Air For Stale Inside Air.This technology enables the transfer of moisture as well as heat exchangers,etc

"Midcon Power Service, Inc."

Specializing In Sales, Service, Installation And Repair Of Boilerroom, Heat Exchanger, Pump, High Pressure Receivers

"Mjm Engineering Company"

Products Like Heat Exchangers Using Heat Pipes-New Solution For Cooling Of Sealed Containers. Based On Heat Pipe Technology, The Heat Exchangers Have Wider Radiating Surfaces, Thus Saving Weight & Dimensions


Offers Air Conditioner And Refrigerator Combination Air Conditioner Installation Kits, Heat Exchangers, Fluid To Air Heat Pumps, Ductless And More.

"Mrh Plate Heat Exchanger Services Limited"

Service Any Kind Of Heat Exchanger Apv, Alfa-Laval, Swep, Fisher, Gea-Ahlborn

"Mydax Inc."

General Purpose Chillers And Chiller / Heaters, Multi-Channel Chillers And Chiller / Heaters-Water To Water Heat Exchangers And Precision Temperature Controlled Air Conditioners

"National Heat Exchange"

Market A Newly Patented Technology For Cleaning The Shell Side Of Heat Exchangers And Coolers, Restoring Their Peak Efficiency To A Level Previously Unattainable With The Traditional Approaches

"Nda Engineering"

Wide Range Of Plant And Equipment For Use In The Dairy, Chemical, Mining, Pulp And Paper,and Heat Exchangers, Calorifiers,Plate Heat Exchangers and more

"Nde Associates, Inc."

Specializes In Eddy Current Testing Of Heat Exchanger Tubing

"Nlb Corp.,"

Cleaning Of Heat Exchangers, Tube Bundles, Glass-Lined Equipment, Tanks, Totes,

"Noren Products, Inc"

Information About Heat Exchangers And Cabinet Coolers For Sealed Electronic Enclosures

"Northern Industrial Supply Company"

Agency Supply Heating And Cooling Finned Coils, Integral Face And By-Pass Damper Heat Exchangers

"Northwest Industrial Equipment, Llc"

Distributors Of Shenandoah Used Oil Heaters,Burners, Boilers And Heat Exchangers.

"Nova Rubber Co"

Offers Envelope, Grafoil, Spiral Wound, Heat Exchanger, Viton, Butyl, Epdm, Hypalon, Neoprene, Pure Gum, Silicone


Manufacturer Of Bulk Solids Material Handling Equipment, Pneumatic ,Heat Exchangers, And More.

"Ober-Read & Associates"

Manufacturers Representative & Distributor Of Air, Vapor & Liquid Handling Equipment Including Pumps, Blowers, Heat Exchangers Spirec Tubular Heat Exchangers Are Efficient And Offer Long Life.

"Ober-Read & Associates, Inc"

A Manufacturers Representative And Distributor Of Pumps,Heat Exchangers, Blowers

"Offshore Technology"

Hvac And Heat Exchangers Equipment, Products And Services For The Offshore Oil And Gas Industry

"Ohman Descaling Services, Inc."

Specialists In The Chemical Cleaning Of Boilers, Heat Exchangers, Piping Systems, Chill Rolls, And Other Equipment

"Optivessel 2000 Evaluation Edition"

it provides Expert system engineering software for the design and rating of pressure vessels and heat exchangers, and more

"Parkaire Engineering Company (P) Ltd."

Leading Designers And Suppliers Of The Heat Exchangers ..And Many More

"Parker Boiler Co."

We Manufacture Steam Boilers, Hot Water Boilers, Thermal Liquid Heaters, Indirect Water Heaters, Low Nox Burners, Water Softeners, Storage Tanks, Feedwater Return Systems And Boiler Room Accessories.

"Paul Mueller Company"

The Unique Hybrid Heat Exchanger Combines The Advantages Of Both The Accu-Therm And Temp-Plate Designs.

"Pcm Thermal Solutions"

Can Design And Develop Customized And Tailor-Made Heat Exchangers Pcm Materials


Air Heat Exchanger For Cooling And Heating Enclosure For Mobile Radio

"Pfr Engineering Systems, Inc."

Fired Heaters, Boilers, Heat Exchangers And Heat Recovery Systems.

"Pharma Tech."

Manufacturing Equipment And Supplies Of Heat Exchangers

"Plant Maintenance Service Corporation"

Providing Design, Fabrication, And Field Services For The Chemical, Agricultural,Pressure Vessels Tanks Columns Reactors Heat Exchangers and more

"Plate Heat Exchanger Reconditioning - Harco"

Plate Heat Exchanger Perform All Kinds Of Duties From Crude Oil Cooling To Air Conditioning

"Plate Heat Exchangers"

Our Aim To Is To Offer Quality Plate Heat Exchanger Gaskets, Service And Spares At Realistic Prices.

"Polaris Plate Heat Exchangers"

Plate heat exchangers from Polaris are designed to provide everything you need in heat transfer equipment ­ high efficiency, low maintenance and more

"Power Equipment Company"

Exothermics Has Been The Leading Source Of Reliable, High-Quality, Heat Exchangers

"Powermaster Engineers (P) Ltd"

Fabrication And Maintenance Of Tubular Apparatus Like Heat Exchangers, Boilers,Condensers And Cooler

"Praj Industries"

Today Praj Is A Multi-Product Company Addressing The Process Industry For Critical Systems & Equipment (Corrugated Tube Heat Exchangers)

"Pressure Vessels India"

Heat Exchangers( Shell & Tube Type )Capacity - Upto 200 M2 Surface Area Tubesheet Drilling On Cnc Or Radial Drilling Machine And Heat Exchangers For Chemical Industry

"Pro-Air Devices Inc."

Specializing In Heat Exchangers ,Desiccant Dehumidifiers And Energy Recovery Units

"Pro-Equip, Inc."

Plate Heat Exchangers (Gasketed, Graphite, Welded) ,Spiral Heat Exchanger (Condensers, Slurries) ,Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers (all TEMA standards) ,etc

"Process Technology"

Process Technology Manufactures Stainless Steel Electric Immersion Heaters, Heat Exchangers.

"Process-Power, Inc.,"

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers That Handles All Popular Plate And Frame Makes And Models.

"Profins Tubes Ltd"

Manufacturer Of Heat Exchanger Tubes For The Petrochemical Industries

"Prout Boiler, Heating & Welding, Inc."

Sales, Installation, Service, And Repair Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning (Hvac) Heat Exchanger And Aftercoolers

"Psf Industries Inc."

An International Company Whose Primary Business Is Developing And Implementing Heat Exchangers, Boil

"Pt Grand Kartech"

Offers Products Ranging From Packaged Steam And Hot Water Boiler, Boiler Accessories, Boiler System And Supporting Equipment As Well As Spare Parts To Customize Boiler, Pressure Vessel, Autoclave, Heat Exchanger, Thermal Oil Heater, And Control Panel

"Pt. Arezda Purnama Loka"

Manufacturer Of Sealing Technology Products, Finned Tubes, Heat Exchangers, And Compressed

"Pure Humidifier Co.,"

Offer A Complete Line Of Direct Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger And Electric Self-Contained Humidifiers For Industrial And Commercial Applications.

"Quality Pool Supply Heat Exchangers"

The Quality Heat Exchanger Model Qhe-35 Is A Tube-In-Shell, Liquid-To-Liquid Heat Exchanger

"R.C. Costello & Assoc., Inc."

New Self-Cleaning Heat Exchange Technology Has Been Developed By Klarex Technology

"R.L.M. Benelux Bv"

An Extensive Range Of Heat Exchangers, Including Tube Exchangers And Plate Exchangers

"R.P. Adams & Kenics Company Inc.,"

R.P. Adams makes a complete line of shell and tube Heat Exchangers, including removable bundle, fixed tube, and U-tube designs and more

"Radient Dyes"

Our Standard Heat Exchangers Are A Good Alternative For Cooling Bigger Systems

"Randolph Gear Incorporated"

Their Air Cooled Heat Exchanger Was Designed To Meet A Need In Areas Where Cooling Water And Ambient Temperatures Create A Problem When Cooling Coils Were The Only Way To Cool The Oil In A Gear Drive

"Reco Heat Exchange"

Manufacturer Of Heavy Duty Industrial Heat Exchangers. Including Air Cooled & Water Cooled Coils.

"Redliner Equipment Surplus"

Offers 200 Sq. Ft. Bell & Gossett Heat Exchanger - Copper 212 Sq. Ft. Heat Exchanger - S/S

"Redman Equipment & Manufacturing Co."

Providing Quality Heat Exchanger Design, Fabrication, And Repair For The Petrochemical, Aerospace, Energy, Food Service, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Marine, Medical, Offshore, And Other Related Industries


Retubeco excels at providing tooling and technical expertise to contractors and plant maintenance crews for the retubing of condensers and heat exchangers,etc

"Rome-Turney Radiator Company"

We Manufacture, Rebuild, & Design Finned Tube Heat Exchange Products.And Air Heating And Cooling Equipment, Hydrogen Coolers Condensers , Evaporators Heat Exchangers And Helical Fin Tubing

"Rpc Tube"

A Distributor To The Aftermarket Of Replacement Air Conditioning And Refrigeration Parts And Equipment. They Specialize In Standard And High Efficiency Heat Exchanger Tubing And Both Semi-Hermetic And Hermetic Compressors.

"Ruffneck Heaters"

Manufacturer Of Industrial-Grade Heat-Exchanger Air Heaters And Explosion-Proof Electric Air Heater

"S & P Coils Heat Exchangers & Heat Pipes"

Spc Are The Manufacturers Of A Wide Range Of Heat Exchangers To Suit Most Hvac Applications.

"S.A. Day Mfg. Co., Inc."

Fluxes For Soldering Or Brazing Copper/Brass And Aluminum! Welcome To The S.A. Day Mfg. Co., Inc. Web Site. We Produce Soldering And Brazing Fluxes For The Automotive Heat Exchanger Manufacturing Industry

"Sa Armstrong Ltd."

Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers Provide Dependable, Efficient Performance

"Scanseal Techniques"

Fibre Optic Remote Visual Inspections In Boiler Tubes, Heat Exchangers, Live Water Mains, Ducting, Voids, Cavity Walls, Engines, Plant Maintenance. Archaeology, Air Frames, Etc

"Schier Company Inc.,"

it provides Cabinet Type Heat Exchangers,Plate Heat Exchangers,Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers,Tubular Heat Exchangers,etc


A Direct Heat Exchange System, Using The Earth As The Heat Sink. It Does Not Use Water Or A Liquid As The Exchange Medium There By Reducing The Overall Complexity And Moving Parts Of The System

"Sears Canada Inc."

Supply And Install Air And Heat Exchangers In Quebec City, Montreal,Ottawa Market.

"Seattle Boiler Works, Inc."

Offers Seattle Boiler Tank Heat Exchangers,Heat Exchanger Retube, Heat Exchanger Repair,Tank Heaters,etc

"Seci Boilermaking And General Mechanical Equipments"

Numerous References In Columms And Trays, Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Skid, Still

"Sen-Dure Products, Inc."

Sen-Dure Heat exchangers have been engineered for applications to the Electronic / Industrial field,included Induction Heating, Microwaves, Solvent Distillation, Potable Water Chilling, Refrigeration,and more

"Senior Flexonics"

Heat exchangers are used throughout newer vehicle systems to perform a variety of cooling and/or heating functions,power steering coolers, radiator heat exchangers and heater cores and more


Manufacuturer Of plate Heat Exchangers,offered Complete reconditioned plate heat exchangers are available,and more

"Service Filtrartion Of Canada Ltd"

Heaters, Electric Heaters, Immersion Heaters, In-Line Heatersetc

"Seunglim Tubes"

Offers Tube & Pipe Fields Are Composed Of Sus Hydraulic/Heat Exchanger Tube Coloy/Monel Tube & Pipe

"Shamrock Industries"

The World`S First Heat Exchanger Video Inspection Camera, The Inspector Allows You To Find Holes, Cracks, Rust Or Corrosion Damage

"Ship Technology"

Swep/Tranter Specailises In The Design, Production & Supply Of Plate Heat Exchangers For Onboard Freshwater & Oil Cooling/Heating And Compact Brazed Exchangers For Lubrication & Fuel-Oil Purifier Heaters For All Types Of Applications

"Slant/Fin Corporation"

Leaders In Hydronic Heating (Hot Water), Gas And Oil Residential Boilers, Radiant Heating, Fin Tube Radiation, Long Term Reliability The Cast Iron Heat Exchangers Water Heater.

"Smarteddy Current Testing Equipment"

Smarteddy Equipment Is Computer-Based And Works Fully Automated In-Line Communicating With Productio

"Solstice: Sustainable Energy And Development Online"

Air To Air Heat Exchangers For Wood Burning Heating Stoves.

"Sondex (Uk) Ltd"

The Sondex Range Of Semi-Welded Plate Heat Exchangers Are Used Asammonia Evaporators And Condensers

"Southern Heat Exchanger Corporation"

Well Positioned To Provide Theactivities Necessary To Refurbish, Repair, And Rerate Heat Exchangers

"Specialist Heat Exchangers Limited"

Company Designs, Develops ,Manufactures & Supplies A Range Of Heat Exchangers Which Utilise Air Cooled Extended Surface Fin Tube Technology & Marketed Its Products For Use In Petrochemical, Power Generationand General Industrial Applications

"Specialty Tool & Supply, Inc"

"Hydrawlic Tube Expanders; Hydraulic Expanders Roller; Hydraulic Tube Pullers; Bundle Puller Tube Expanders; Tube Plugs;"

"Spirax Sarco"

"Spirax Sarco provides Shell and tube heat exchangers,Plate heat exchangers,Corrugated tube heat exchangers,and different types of models like Types include models with ""U"" bent bundle, fixed tube sheets, packed tube sheets, floating head,etc"

"Steefane Ltd.,"

A Recognised Authority On The Supply Of All Types Of Refrigerant Heat Exchangers Including Plate Heat Exchangers.

"Stelform Engineering"

Australia Leading Independent Designer, Fabricator, And Installer Of Heat Exchangers

"Sts Agence De Paris"

Sts Agence De Paris Offers Heat Exchangers,Technology Heat Exchangers Industrials, Exchangers Frigorifics,Chesmistry, Air-conditionning, Pétrochesmistry, Armament, Wine, Food, Nuclear,and more

"Suction Tube Assemblies (Heat Exchangers)"

In A Refrigeration Cycle (For A Higher Efficiency) Heat Exchangers

"Swami Vessels"

We Are Manufacturers Of Boilers, Heaters, Hot Air Generators, Tray Dryers, Reaction Vessels Heat Exchanger

"Swep International Ab"

Heat Transfer Technology In Highly Efficient Compact Brazed Heat Exchangers

"T + C Machine Tools Pte Ltd"

Manufacture, Repairs And Maintenanace Of Heat Exchangers&Condensers, Steam Generators

"T.C. Wilson"

Products For The Boiler, Condenser And Heat Exchanger Industries.

"T.H. Russell Co."

Design&Build Gas Liquids Recoveryplants,Gas Etc.Heat Exchangershydro Desulfurization Units (Hds)

"Taco, Inc."

Industrial Heat Exchangers are designed and built by the Taco Fabricated Products Division to meet the rigorous design requirements of each individual job and more

"Taibong Industries Inc.,"

Taibong Industries Founded In Seoul. Started Development Of Plate Heat Exchanger

"Tara Associates"

Heat Exchangers, Electronic Cabinet Cooling Systems, And Boilers

"Tat Industries Ltd"

Manufacture And Integration Of Heat Management Systems, Cooling Systems, Heat Sinks, Heat Exchangers

"Tbros Inc."

Offers Boiler And Furnace Installation (Gas And Oil), Heating Maintenance And Repair, Domestic Hot Water (Tank-Type Water Heater, Indirect, Flat Plate Heat Exchanger).

"Tc Tech Corporation"

Utilizing A Unique Tube-In-Shell Design, These Heat Exchangers Incorporate Thin Walled Stainless

"Tds - Oklahoma,"

Tds - Oklahoma, Formed In 1983 As An Owner-Managed Company, Has Grown Into One Of The World`S Largest Distributors Of Heat Exchanger Tubing

"Tema India Limited"

Design And Manufacture Of Process Equipment Like Heat Exchangers

"The By-Cast, Deka"

Air Preheater Is A Static Recuperative Heat Exchanger Primarily Designed To Recycle Waste Heat From Combustion Processes By Preheating The Air Supply To The Burners

"The Greenbox Company (Europe) Limited"

Heat Recovery Equipment Including Our Unique Range Of Plastic Air To Air Plate Heat Exchangers

"The Reardon Companies, Inc."

Condensate/Boiler Feed Pumps & Receivers Heat Exchangers

"The Sentry Equipment Corp"

Sentry Equipment Corp is a worldwide supplier and technological leader in the manufacture, marketing and servicing of sampling components and systems and specialty heat exchangers and more

"The Whalen Company"

Manufacturers Of The Original Vertical Riser Heat-Exchanger Fan Coil Unit. As Innovators Of The Riser Heat-Exchanger Concept.


"Their Product Ranges Are Changers Frigorifics Close Circuit Tower ""Refrileau"" Evaporatives Condensers ""Cofrileau"" Air Coolers - Air Warmers ""Robusta"" Technology Heat Exchangers Industrials."

"Thermal Engineering International"

The Premier Supplier Of Specialty Heat Exchangers For Power Applications

"Thermal Engineering Solutions"

a full service engineering firm specialized in providing consulting and R&D design and development services on all areas of thermal engineering. If your project involves fluids, heat exchanger,etc

"Thermal-Land Heat Exchangers"

Is A Complete Manufacturer Of Heat-Exchanger Components & Equipment. Its Manufacturing Plant In Singapore And Malaysia

"Thermatron Engineering, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Liquid-To-Air Copper And Stainless Steel Circuited Heat Exchangers

"Thermo Dynamics Ltd."

Thermo Dynamics Limited manufactures an exceptional line of high effectiveness heat exchangers. These heat exchangers have been installed in numerous commercial solar water heating and oil-fired boiler systems. The Model DTL series is the result of many years of research into shell-and-tube heat exchanger performance

"Thermo-Clean N.V."

The Cleaning Of Extrusion Components, Metal Filter Elements, Suspension Hooks And Other Production,heat exchanger and more

"Thermotech Industries"

Manufactures Finned Tube Heat Exchangers And More For Refineries, Industries, And Wood

"Thorn Technologies"

Simulation Modules Including Pump And Valve, Pid And Heat Exchanger

"Titanium Metals Corporation"

Manufacturer Of Heat Transfer In Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

"Titanium Tantalum Products Ltd.,"

Re-Coating Of Anodes Supply & Repair Of Heat Exchangers Supply & Refurbishment Of Reactors & Towers Repairing Of Valves In Titanium, Zirconium Etc.

"Tom Stevens Boiler Repair, Inc."

Serviced Heating Industries On The West Coast Since 1968 - Scope Of Services: Boiler, Heat Exchanger And Retubing, Steam Coils, Etc.,

"Torq`N Seal"

"The Torq`N Seal Heat Exchanger Tube Sheet Plug Is A Solid One Piece Plug That Can Be Inserted Into The Tube Sheet Of A Leaking Tube And Expanded With A Standard 3/8"" Drive Torque Wrench"


Designs, Develops, And Produces High Speed Hydraulic Pressesheat Exchangers, Condensers

"Transheat Ceramics Llc"

Their Patent Pending Exchanger Designs Allow For Thermal Expansion Of The Tubes And For Differential Expansion Of The Tubesheets.

"Trimline Heat Exchangers"

Trimline Heat Exchangers Are Available In Sizes Matching Trimline Air Conditioners,

"Ttc Norge As"

Manufacture And Supply Of Standard And Customised Heat Exchangers

"Tube Tech Ltd - Industrial Applications"

Petrochemical,Offshore,Polymer Heat Exchangers.

"Turbotec Products, Inc."

Turbotec Priducts, Inc. Develops And Manufactures Heat Exchangers And Twisted Metal Tubing For Hvac Industries. Quality Heat Transfer Products Include Coaxial Water-Cooled Condensers, Evaporators, Desuperheaters, Suction Line, And Flexible Connectors

"Twl Heat Exchangers"

The Seals On The Bowman Engine Heat Exchangers Are The Same Age As Those On Oil Coolers

"Uk Eletro Industrial Ltda. - Divisco Uniklima"

Characteristics Of The Heat Exchangers-Cabinet Internal Assembly,Malfunction Indication.

"UNEX Scambio Termico"

Plate heat exchangers, evaporators, condensers, dry cooler, corrugated shell and tube HE, all-welded HE for ammonia, brazed plate heat exchangers

"Unifin International"

Leading Designer And Manufacturer Of Specialized Industrial Heat Transfer Equipment.

"Unifin International"

Designs And Manufactures A Wide Variety Of Industrial Heat Exchangers. Products Are Installed In The Petrochemical Industry, Used Widely In Power T&D, Pulp And Paper, Refineries, And The Marine Industry. A Member Of The Koch Organization Since 1991

"United Industrial Services, Inc."

United Industrial Services, Based In Houston, Texas, Provides Turnaround Services,Millwright Services,Field Machining Services,Retubing Services,Bolt Torquing,Heat Exchangers Engineering And Design For The Petro Chemical&Power Generation Industries

"Universal Heat Exchangers Ltd.,"

Made Its Modest Entry Into The Indian Industrial Field, Commencing With The Production Of Heat Transfer Equipment In India

"Universal Heat Exchangers Ltd.,"

The Product Concept Of Heat Exchangers Finds Its Finest Expression At Uhe, Employing The Very Latest In Terms Of Design And Technology

"Universitdt-Gh Siegen."

Heat Exchangers Is To Provide And Easily Usable Calculation Tool For To Match Earth Heat Exchangers.

"Usa Industries, Inc"

Manufacture A Complete Line Of Heat Exchanger & Boiler Tools Piping Products, Offers Repair And Re Sell Service

"Valutech Inc."

supplies heat exchangers for the process industry.

"Villa & Bonaldi"

Manufacturer Of Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

"W.J. Turpish And Company"

Cooling Towers, Heat Exchangers & Related Equipment,PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERS,High and Low Temperature Heat Transfer Fluids and more

"W.S.I. Industrial Services"

Products Include Condensers ,Heat Exchangers ,Boiler Washing Etc.,

"W.T. Bryan & Associates, Inc"

Heat Exchangers Processing Equipment , Sampling Featured Equipment

"Ward Tank Heat Exchanger"

Stainless Steel & Nickel Alloy Fabricators - Asme Code Pressure Vessels, Stg. Tanks, Heat Exchangers

"Waukesha Cherry-Burrell"

Offers Plate Heat Exchangers ,Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers And Tubular Heat Exchangers

"Wayne Bryant Outside Furnaces"

Stainless Steel Water To Water Heat Exchangers,Water to Water Heat Exchangers ,SWEP Plate Echangers,Coil Style Exchanger,specialize in water to water heat exchangers,etc

"Wcr Incorporated"

Supplier Of Heat Exchanger Gaskets & Heat Exchanger Plates

"Weatherly Consulting, Inc.,"

Process Pressure Vessels, Columns, Reactors Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchangers

"Webco Heat Exchanger Tubing"

The Leading Manufacturer Of Carbon Steel Heat Exchanger Tubing, Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger

"Webco Industries."

Bill Weber Believed He Could Supply A Higher Level Of Service To The Heat Exchanger Industry.

"Weber Sensor Inc"

Protect Heat Exchangers,First static heat radiation switches without moving parts designed for rolling mills,, Heating & Ventilation, Power, Water and Food Processing. captor Products offer the highest reliability ,etc

"Wellchem Inc"

A Combined Heat And Moisture Exchanger And Bacterial/Viral Filter

"Westland Engineering"

Heat Exchanger, Shell & Tube, Plate & Frame

"Westland Engineering Company"

A Leading Worldwide Supplier Of Air Cooler Heat Exchangers. Applications Include Fluid Cooling, Lube Oil Cooling, Gas Cooling And Condensing

"Wolverine Tube Inc"

Manufacturer Of Copper & Alloy - Heat Exchanger Tube

"Wonjin Co,.Ltd"

Make Any Heat Exchanger To Any Special Requirements Customer May Have Our Leading Technology Can Handle Your Needs Fastly And Efficiently

"Woodward Governor Company"

An Integrated Approach To The Heat Management System

"Wsf Industries, Inc."

Manufactures Autoclave Systems, Pressure And Vacuum Vessels And Heat Exchangers

"Xchanger, Inc."

Many Types Of Heat Exchangers Contain Pressurized Fluids

"Xetex, Inc."

Offers Flat-Plate Heat Exchangers,a stationary air-to-air energy exchanger designed to transfer high quantities of heat and water vapor,


Leading Manufacturer Of Heat Transfer Equipment, Specializing In Shell And Tube Heat Exchangers

"Yueyang Hengli Air Cooling Equipment Inc.,"

Since 1993 Imported The Serpentine Heat Exchanger Producing Line From American Tcl Company

"Z. Electromecanias Ara"

Heat Exchangers, Compressors, Skids, Coils Are Manufactured To Satisfy All Needs.

"Zeller Consulting Suisse"

Air Humid Handling,Heat Exchanger Handling,Moist And Dehumidify Handling Are Programmed In Windowsnt

"Zetec, Inc.,"

Design Specialized Probes And Techniques To Suit Almost Any Application - Heat Exchanger And Heating

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