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""Genie Air Conditioning &Amp; Heating Inc.""
Supplier Of Airconditoner And Heat Pumps

"Ace Boiler Heating $ Air Conditioning"

Service Sales Installation Of Boilers, Heat Pump, Preventative Maintenance Programs, Etc., Offers 24 Hour Emergency Service

"Ace Services"

Offering Services For Gas, Oil, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, Electronic Air Cleaners Humidifiers

"Addison Products Company"

Manufacturer Of Air Conditioners,Domestic Water Heating and heat pumps which is a source of water in different models.


Offers Pool Heaters: Heat Pumps , Solar And Gas Solar Water Heaters And Solar Showers Solar Electric Ru Y2k Ready Pool & Spa Accessories & Equipment Energy Saving Products .

"Advanced Mechanical Services Of Central Florida, Inc"

Advanced Mechanical Services Of Central Florida, Inc Do Sales, Service And Installation Of Heat Pumps - Commercial Refrigeration.

"Aepcor Geothermal"

Distributor Of Geothermal Heat Pumps & Accessories Geothermal Energy Is The World`S Cleanest Means Of Heating And Cooling Specialists Will Perform A No Charge Heat Loss Evaluation To Determine Your Heating And Cooling Needs


Heat Pumps manufactured in Agl are An Efficient And Economical Method Of Heating And Cooling Your Home.

"Air Energy Heat Systems Inc.,"

Manufactures Heat Pumps And Other Coling Devices.It Soon Realized The Need For Larger And More Efficient Swimming Pool Heat Pumps With Better Reliability.

"Air Engineers ,Inc."

Offers All Electric Heat Pump, Gas Heat/Electric Cool, And Electric Cool Only Models

"Air Flo Heating"

Most Experienced Dealer For Heat Pumps, Furnaces,Electronic Air Cleaning And Service

"Air Mechanical Inc."

Heating & Cooling Creating Custom Comfort.Air Mechanical Inc. offers heat pumps by Armstrong of differt models.

"Air Quest Heating & Cooling, Inc"

Introducing A Higher Standard Of Comfort With The Tempassure 13+ Package Heat Pump From Amana, Now More Efficient Than Ever To Bring You Years Of Reliable, Worry-Free Heating And Cooling Comfort.

"Air Tech York Inc"

Manufacturers And Distributors Of Mini And Multi Split Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps

"Air Treatment Corporation"

Offers Services And Contractor For Custom Dx Packaged Units, Prefabricated Mechanical Equipment Rooms Water Source Heat Pumps

"Airwater Systems"

They Are The Economical Energy Efficient Heat Pump System Manufactued In The United State.

"All Seasons Heating & Air"

The Add On Heat Pump Works With Any Forced Air Heating System.All Seasons Heating & Air is a manufacturer of heat pumps which is used for various purposes and is also used as a cool pump.

"All Your Pool Supplies & Products Warehouse"

All Your Pool Supplies & Products Warehouse are the manufacturers of Heat Pumps that are The Most Energy Efficient Pool Heating Method On The Market Today.


Manufacturer Of Heat Sinks And Heat Pumps.As a manufacturer of heat pumps,the heat pumps as used in CPU coolers, coffee warmers, drink coolers, and other neat stuff that wants to be heated or cooled.

"American Council For An Energy-Efficient Economy"

Central Heat Pumps Provide Both Cooling In The Summer And Heating In The Winter.

"American Geothermal"

Manufactures A Line Of Residential And Light Commercial Waterless Geothermal Heat Pumps.Concrete Manufacturing Heating And Cooling Equipment, Geothermal.

"American Standard Companies Inc."

"American Standard, Manufacturer Of Residential/Commercial Heating, Cooling Systems, Hvac; Air Conditioners, Gas Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Handlers, Air Cleaners.Major producers of packed heat pumps for multipurpose."

"Anchor Heating"

Service And Installation For Gas, Electric, Oil, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning Most Major Brands.

"Aqualine Systems"

Environmentally Friendly Close Control And Roof Top Packaged Air Conditioning, Water And Air Cooled Chillers, Fan Coil Units, And Heat Pumps Supplied By Aqualine Systems.

"Aquatherm Industries."

Aquatherm Heat Pumps Are A Super Efficient Way To Heat Your Pool Or Spathe Aquatherm Heat Pump Utilizes Proven Refrigerant Technology To Capture The Heat In The Outside Air And Transfer It To The Pool Water.Aquatherm Industries Manufactures Solar Pool Heaters And Heat Pump Pool Heaters Providing Energy Efficient Heat For Your Pool.

"Armstrong Pumps Inc"

Armstrong Pumps Inc concentrates on quality in design, engineering, and manufacturing of heat pumps and are designed for dependable, continuous service in a wide range of heavy duty industrial and commercial applications including HVAC, machinery cooling and product transfer, pollution control systems, and powerhouse auxiliary services.

"Atlas L.C."

Custom Made Devices Which Can Effectively Reduce Heating Costs And Increase Warm Air Output From Heat Pump Systems.The Heat Pump Maximizer Puts An End To The Term Cold Heat.

"Atrex Heating Controls Ltd"

Atrex Heating Controls Ltd Offers Heating And Cooling Products for residential and commercial purposes which also includes heat pumps.

"Bard Manufacturing Company"

Manufacturer Of Air Conditioners, Furnaces And Heat Pumps Designed For The Residential, Commercial, School And Telecommunication Markets.Takes Great Pride In A History Of Manufacturing Quality Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps.

"Bc Heating"

Bc Heating is a dealer For Heat Pumps, Furnaces And Other Electronic Items.

"Belair Engineering"

Categorised For All Heating And Cooling systems including heat pumps And Also Takes Care Of Maintenance & Repairs.

"Bell Atlantic"

Sales,Service And Installations Of Water and Air Cooled, Chillers, Water Towers, Computer Room Systems, Ground Water Source, Heat Pumps,etc., for both Residential and Commercial purposes.

"Best Commercial Energy Services"

Best Commercial Energy Services Sells, Installs, And Services For Radiant Heat, Heat Pump, Heat Recovery Systems

"Building And Fire Research Laboratory"

They To Provide Equitable Testing And Rating Procedures For Determining Energy Performanc Heat Pumps

"California Cooling Supply Company, Inc.,"

Distribution Products Including Tru-Aire, Adp, Air-Mate, And Nailor Commercial A/C And Heat Pumps

"California Energy Commission"

"Manufacturers Of Central Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps.It offers high quality, objective information on how to increase the efficiency of motors, pumps and blowers; improve control of processes and equipment; and many other cost-saving strategies."

"Calorex Heat Pumps Ltd"

Heat Pump Equipment For Dehumidification Drying & Latent Heat Recovery

"Calorex Usa"

Manufacturer of heat pumps.A Calorex Heat Pump Is The Most Efficient Way To Heat Your Pool.

"Camac Industries"

Is A Leading Manufacturer Of Corrosion Resistant Pumps, Filters, Heat Exchangers

"Capital Air Conditioning"

Capital Air Conditioning offers you with heat pumps and air coolers.High Energy Efficiency Is A Huge Plus To Help You Save On Heating.

"Caster Well Drilling"

The Company Specializes In The Design And Construction Of Commercial, Industrial Heat Pumps


Installation, Air Conditioning, Heating, Heat Pump, Humidifier, Air Cleaner.

"Cliff Bergin & Associates Inc."

Full Service Plumbing, Heating, Airconditioning And Water Pump Sales And Service Company

"Climate Control Bussiness"

The Leading Producer Of Water Source Heat Pumps


Manufacturer Of Geothermal Energy Products, Water Source Heat Pumps, Residential Geothermal Systems

"Closed Loops - Horizontal"

Polar Bear Heat Pumps Require Only A 1 1/2 Gpm Us Or 1 1/4 Canadian Gpm. Per Ton Of Heat Pump

"Cold Flow"

Takes Care Of Heating And Cooling Needs And Also Cost Effecient And High Performing

"Cold Wave, Inc."

Heating And Cooling Service Have Trained Technicians Available To Install Many Brands Of Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Gas Packs And Evaporative Coolers

"Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc."

In Addition, We Are Fast Becoming An Industry Leader In Heat Pump Water Heaters For The Commercial And Industrial Water Heating Markets.

"Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc."

Offers Heat Pump Water Heaters Air-Source Heat Pumps For Water Heating, Unit Coolers, Gentle-Flow Models, And Air-Cooled Condensers

"Comfort Maker"

Supplier Of Air Conditioning And Heating Units For Residential Establishments

"Comfort Specialists Inc."

Standard Efficiency Heat Pump With A Seer Rating Of 10

"Comfort Zone Air Conditioning And Heating"

The Colder The Outside Temperature, The Less Heat The Heat Pump Will Produce, And The More Need For Supplemental Heat.

"Comfortmaker Distributors Inc.,"

"Featuring The New Comfortmaker ""Softsound"" Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Etc.,"


"One Of The Leading Manufacturers Of Geothermal Heat Pumps.Command-Aire Is A Leader In The Engineering Of Specialized Products For Closed-Loop Earth-Coupled Systems; Directly Using The Earth For Heat Storage Rather Than Consuming New Energy To Operate Cooling Towers And Boilers."

"Continental Services"

A Heating And Air Conditioning Service Company, Offers Heat Pump, Geothermal Heating & Cooling System And More.

"Control Tech Inc."

Heating And Air Conditioning Company Offering Name Brand Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners

"Cornhusker Public Power District"

Cornhusker Public Power District provides Residential Heating And Cooling Rebates,heat pumps and Other Rebates.

"Crispaire Corporation"

The E-Tech Wwhp Water-To-Water Heat Pump Is A Refrigeration Machine

"Crystal Heating & Cooling"

Offers Evaporator Coil - Heat Pumps, Fan Coil Unit - Air Conditioners, Packaged Water Cooled Liquid Chiller - Cooling Tower - Packaged Rooftop Variable Air Volume Unit

"Ctsi Corporation"

Ctsi Corporation Offers Water Cooled Heat Pump/Roof Top Unit 200-12,500 Cfm, And Humidity Control Equipment.

"Cummins-Wagner Co., Inc"

Cummins-Wagner Co., Inc. is a distributor for industrial and mechanical equipment covering the mid-Atlantic states. We serve Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Delaware, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania with leading brands of compressors, pumps, and heat transfer equipment.

"Dakota Valley Electric"

Dakota Valley Electric is a manufacturer of an electric air-source heat pump which provides a high level of year-round heating and cooling comfort for your home.

"Dalton Electric Heating Co., Inc. -"

Makers Of The Watt-Flex Split Sheath Cartridge Heater And The Diff-Therm Diffusion Pump Heaters.

"David White Services, Inc"

David White Services, Inc manufacturer Of Heating Pumps For Airconditioning.

"Demarco Energy Systems Of America, Inc."

Demarco Holds A Patent On The Worlds Leading Heating And Cooling System.Manufacturers Of Geothermal Or Water-Source Heat Pumps.

"Department Of Energy Technology"

Low Temperature Heat Distribution Systems Combined With Domestic Heat Pumps

"Durke`S Deerwood A/C & Heating."

Durke`S Deerwood A/C & Heating Offers A Broad Line Of Carrier Heating Products Like Heat Pumps, Furnaces.

"Earth Energy Society Of Canada"

Industry, To Promote Quality System Installations, And To Promote Earth Energy Technology.Voice Of The Ground-Source Heat Pump Industry, To Promote Quality Installations And Viable Use Of Earth Energy.

"Earth Energy Technology And Supply Inc."

Manufacturer Of Geothermal Heat Pumps

"East Hill Heating & Cooling."

East Hill Heating & Cooling services most brands of gas and electric Furnaces, Heat Pumps, Boilers and Air Conditioning units.

"Eastern Heating And Cooling System"

Installation Of Properly Designed And Installed, High Efficiency Heating And Cooling Systems which includes heat pumps.

"Econar Energy Systems, Corporation."

Econar Energy Systems, Corporation. is the leading manufacturer of ColdClimate Geothermal Heat Pumps in North America.

"Ecr Technologies"

The performance of EarthLinkedTM heat pumps is certified by the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI). An average heating Coefficient of Performance (COP) of 3.9 and an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of 17 in the cooling mode is unmatched by any other system.

"Edwards Engineering Corp"

G-Whiz (TM) is a service available from Edwards Engineering Corp. for HVAC companies involved with geothermal heat pumps.

"Energy Dynamics"

Manufacturers Of Heat Pumps Utilizing The Moderate Temperature Of The Earth For Heat Transfer.Source Heat Pump Built Anywhere In The World. From The All Stainless Steel Cabinet To The Extra Heavy Duty Components, The Hydron Module Stands Apart As A Quality Leader.

"Enviromaster International Corporation"

EMI offers the most complete selection of non-ducted split air conditioning systems, in both cooling only and heat pump applications. Ideal for zone or spot conditioning in light commercial, residential and institutional applications.

"Environment North West"

Over 25 Years Experience In Heating & A/C Sales Service And Installation Epa Certified Freon Recovery ,Heat Pumps, Add-On A/C Systems .

"Fayette Heating & Air Conditioning"

Dedicated To Providing The Best Possible Total Indoor Weather Solution For Heat Pump, Heating, Air Conditioning

"Fhp Manufacturing Inc"

Manufacturer Of Water Source Heat Pumps For Both Residential And Commercial Applications

"Fhp Manufacturing Inc."

The Undisputed Leader In The Water Source Heat Pump Industry. In An Independent Survey Of 31 Manufacturers, Fhp Received The Highest Ratings In Overall Product Quality.

"Fine-Wire Heat Exchangers"

Heat Exchangers And Improved Fans To Improve The Performance Of Heat Pumps. Site Has Information About Low-Temp Heating, Energy Storage, And Heat Pump Technology.

"Fluid Dynamics Corporation.,"

Distributor Of A Wide Array Of Process Equipment To Include Pumps, Fiberglass Pipe, Heat Tracing, Tanks, Heat Exchangers

"Gandy Electric Heating & Air Conditioning"

Specializing In Carrier Products And The Energy Efficient Heat Pumps

"Gary`S Heating And Air Conditioning"

Heat Pumps-Models To Match All Sizes Of Homes And Small Businesses.

"Gas Research Institute"

Gas Research Institute is a manufacturer of gas heat pumps and also gives a brief description Of how it Works, Field Testing And Marketing Of Gas Engine-Driven Heat.

"Gavin Lowe Air Conditioning Ltd"

Specialising In All Aspects Of Heat Pumps

"Geoservices Bvba"

Manufacterer Of Geothermal Heatpumps,Geothermal Energy Products, Water Pumping Products, Heat Pumps

"Geothermal Heat Pump C.N.I. Resources"

Established To Facilitate Outreach, Communications, Technology Transfer, Networking, And Exchange Of Critical Information For Geothermal Heat Pumps (Ghps).

"Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium, Inc."

Geoexchange Heat Pumps Are Much More Efficient Than Air Source Heat Pumps

"Geothermal Heat Pump Program"

Ees Promotes The Use Of Geothermal Heat Pumps With A Cash Incentive

"Ghps, Ltd Co"

Is A Distributor For Geothermal Heat Pumps Serving Southern Oklahoma And North Central Texas.

"Glenmont Air Conditioning And Heating"

Offering Prompt, Courteous Service On All Brands Of Heating And Air Conditioning Equipment.Glenmont Also Services Boilers, Heat Pumps,Heat Pumps, Gas Furnaces, Humidifiers, Electronic Air Cleaners, And Service Contracts.


Goettl Air Conditioning,Inc is one of the leading manufacturers of heating and air conditioning equipment in the United States, providing Heating And Cooling Needs.

"Gorman Pools"

The Eus Heat Pump Moves Heat From The Air And Heat Pump Moves Heat From The Air To The Water

"Greens Energy Services, Inc."

Install And Service All Brands Like Heat Recovery Systems,Heat Recovery Systems

"Ground Coupled Heat Pumps"

Systems Make Use Of Renewable Energy Stored In The Ground To Provide One Of The Most Energy Efficien

"Ground Loop Heating And Air Conditioning"

Ground Loop Heating And Air Conditioning undertakes selling And Installing Geothermal Heat Pumps.

"Heat Pump Systems, Inc"

A Top Quality Heating, Air Conditioning And Gas Products Installation Company In The Tri-Cities Area For More Than 18 Years

"Heat Pumps Unlimited, Inc."

Manufacturers Of Pool/Spa Heaters Chillers and quality heat pumps for The Pool/Spa Industry.Heat Pumps Unlimited, Inc Manufactures quality heat pumps on a large scale requires.

"Heat Siphon"

Manufacturer Of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps And The Most Cost Effective Pool Heaters In The World.


Offers Heat Pumps Specifically designed for large water leisure centres and commercial or municipal swimming pools.

"Hydro Delta Corporation"

Hydro Delta Corporation offers HydroHeat Geothermal Heat Pumps with all good features and benefits.

"Hydro-Temp Corporation"

Leading Manufacturers Of Earth Coupled Heat Pumps And Provide You With The Basics Of Geothermal He


Single Stage Heat Pumps With Auxiliary Heating.

"Iea Heat Pump Centre"

The International Energy Agency`S Information Centre For Heat Pumping Technologies, Applications And Markets.Global Environmental Benefits Of Industrial Heat Pumps. Absorption Machines For Heating And Cooling In Future Energy Systems.

"Indiana Supply Crop.,"

Distributor Of Oil Furnaces And Heat Pumps. When Climate Engineers Dissolved Indiana Supply Took Over The Distribution Of The General Electric Line.

"Indoor Weather"

Offers Heating And Cooling, Equipment Such As Humidifer, Furnance Fan Coil, Heat Pump And More.

"Industrial Maintenance Overflow Corporation"

Installation, Maintenance, Service And Repair Of Boilers, Feedwater Systems, Chillers, Heat Pumps,etc,.


Importing Heat Pumps, Jacuzzi & Spa Pumps & Equipment,

"Iowa Heat Pump Association"

A Non-Profit Organization Consisting Of Leaders And Authorities On Ground And Air Source Heat Pumps.

"Irc Information Service"

Information Of Ground Source Heat Pumps

"J.P.Burleson Inc"

We Are Distributors Of Premium Products For The Ultimate Care Of Freshwater And Pumps.Manufacturers Of Wave Makers, Ph Controllers, C02 Injection, Heating Cables, Test Kits, Lighting Systems, Pumps, Protein Skimmers And More.

"Jackson Electric Membership Corporation"

Electric Heat Pumps: Efficient Heating And Cooling

"Joes Air & Heat"

Joes Air & Heat offers sales,service and installation of pool heat pumps Providing Superior Value, Unquestionable Integrity And Outstanding Performance.

"Johansen & Anderson Inc."

Their Products Include Central Air Conditioning Systems, Heat Pumps, Gas And Oil Furnaces, Indoor Air Quality Accessories

"Joyce Cooling & Heating Inc.,"

Provide Expert Design, Installation, And Service For Air To Air Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps, Gas-Oil Electric Systems

"Kerr Controls Limited"

Heat Pumps, Air Conditioning, And Hrv Ventilation Systems Compliment KerrıS Own Line Of Heating Equipment.


Manufacturer Of Vertical Discharge Condensing Units And Heat Pumps

"Klimaire Products, Inc."

Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Refrigeration, Mini Splits A/C Units,Wall Mount Fan Coil Units, Cooling Only, Heat Pump,Ceiling, Floor,Low Wall, Vertical And Horizontal Model.

"Kth School Of Industrial Management"

Effluent Sewage Water Is The Most Common Heat Source For Heat Pumps

"Kwikleen Skreen."

A Durable, Flexible Screen For Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps.. Prevents Build Up Of Debris On Air Conditioner & Heat Pump Coils

"Lake Country Power - A Member-Owned Cooperative."

The Cooperative Offers Special Rates On Two Types Of Heat Pumps:Ground Source And Air Source.

"Lang Heating & Cooling"

Installation And Service Of Furnaces, Heatpumps, Air Conditioners, Humidifiers, Boilers, Air Filters And Gas Fireplaces.

"Little Red Trucks"

We Provide The Most Professional Service, Repair, And Installation On All Makes And Models Of A/C & Heating, Heat Pump And More.


Manufacturers Of Renowned Finned Coils And Air-Conditioners.Offers Air Conditioner And Refrigerator Combination Air Conditioner Installation Kits, Heat Exchangers, Fluid To Air Heat Pumps, Ductless And More.

"Louisiana Heat Pump Association"

Install And Service Heatpumps,Air Conditioners And Geothermal Units Repair And Design Custom Heating And Air Conditioning Units, Retrofits Of Heatpumps And Ground And Water Source Units

"Mainstream Engineering Corporation"

The Development Of A Performance-Enhancing Additive For Vapor-Compression Heat Pumps.

"Mammoth Inc.,"

One Of Manufacturer Of Heating, Ventilating And Cooling Equipment. The Products Include Heat Pumps.

"Mannions Pump House"

Supplier Of Quality Pumps Of All Types Including: Water, Sump, Sewage, Heating And Cooling

"Maritime Geothermal Ltd"

Canadian Manufacturer Of Nordic Geothermal Heat Pumps, Indoor Pool Conditioners And Related Equipment

"Mars Plumbing & Mechanical Inc.,"

Offers (Hvac) Central Air Conditioning - Boiler & Unfired Pressure Vessels, Heating - Pump Installation, Refrigeration - Lift Station Equipment & Piping Systems And More.

"Mccarty Mechanical Inc."

Sells And Installs Trane Standard Air To Air And Trane Geothermal Heat Pumps In All Sizes And Efficiencies. We Service All Major Brands Of Air To Air And Geothermal Heat Pumps.

"Mccook Boiler & Pumpcompany"

Offers Sanicube Hot Water Tank, Which Can Be Heated By Heat Exchanger, Heat Pump, Or Electricity

"Mcelroys Inc"

Manufacturer Of Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps

"Mcquay International"

Mcquay International Is A World Leader In The Manufacture, Sales And Service Of Heating, Ventilating And Air Conditioning Equipment Principally For The Commercial, Industrial And Institutional Markets. Products Include Heat Pumps.


Design And Manufacture Of Desalination Equipment, Industrial Purification Plants, Pharmaceutical Distillation Units, Pure Steam Generators, Marine Heat Exchangers And Pumps


The Heat pumps of R.L.M. Benelux BV are an environmentally friendly and energy saving source of heating. Tests by the TNO-Institute in Apeldoorn, The Netherlands, have shown that RLM heat pumps can extract 5,9 kW of heat from the environment for an energy consumption of only 1 kW electricity.

"MH2Technologies Ltd."

A Geothermal Heat Pump Is The Most Suffcient Method Posibble For Heating

"Mid Am Energy Supplies"

Distributors Of Ground-Source Heat Pumps, Radiant Floor Heating Systems

"Midcon Power Service, Inc."

Specializing In Sales, Service, Installation And Repair Of Boilerroom, Heat Exchanger, Heat Pump, High Pressure Receivers

"Middleton Sales Company, Inc."

Distributor Of Heat Pumps And Takes Care Of High Efficiency Geothermal Heating And Cooling

"Middleton Sales Company, Inc."

Distributor Of Florida Heat Pumps.More Than 25 Years Experience In The Field Of Distributor Of Heat Pumps (Swimming Pool Heaters, Amcot Cooling Towers)

"Millbrook Colony"

Offers Information About All The Various Types Of Heat Pumps They Manufacture

"Miller`S Mechanical"

Sell Most Brands Of Air Conditioners, Heaters & Furnaces Heat Pump, Gas, Electric Heaters & Hvac Supplies.

"Mount Vernon"

Mount Vernon undertakes the production of Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps And Gas Furnaces.

"Nebraska Public Power District"

An Add-On Heat Pump Is An Air-Source Heat Pump Designed To Be Installed In Furnace

"Nordic Europe"

Distributor Of Nordic Geothermal Heatpumps, Lifebreath Heat Recovery Ventilators.

"North West Wholesale Co. Ltd."

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. Discount Wholesale Direct To Consumer Wholesale

"Nuvonyx Incorporated"

Designs And Builds Laser Material Processing Systems Including Pump Bars And Arrays For Welding, Heat Treating, And Cutting Applications.Advanced Semiconductor Laser Technology From The Laboratory To Industry For Materials Processing.

"Oklahoma Heat Pump Association"

The Oklahoma Heat Pump Association Consists Of 5 Chapters And Covers The Entire State Of Oklahoma

"Otter Tail Power Company"

The Air Source Heat Pump Works Much Like An Air Conditioner

"Peircephelps, Inc."

Offers Air Condition, Heat, Air Purification, Climate Control, Carrier, Central Air, Heat Pumps, Energy-Efficient, Etc.,

"Penco Corporation,"

A A Wholesale Distributor Plumbing, Heating (Boilers, Heat Pump), Air Conditioning, And Refrigeration

"Peregrine Industries"

Our Line Of The World`S Most Efficient Heat Pump Pool Heaters And Seaaire 16 Seer Air Conditioners

"Perfection Home Systems Inc."

Heating, Air Conditioning, Heat Pumps, Or Water Heaters,Electronic Air Cleaner,Etc

"Polar Air Inc."

Specializes In Commercial & Residential Heating, Air Conditioning, Refrigeration, Heat Pump

"Pool Heating Distributors"

Manufacturers And Distributors Of Swimming Pool Heating Systems,Solar Heating System And Heat Pumps

"Precision Pipework Limited"

Retailer Of Water Pumps, Water Heating Systems And Heat Pumps

"Preston Guide"

Preston Guide is a manufacturers Of Air Conditioners And Heat Pumps.

"Promasol Energia Solar"

Exporter Of Solar Pool Heating Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems And Heat Pumps

"Pumpwarehouse International Inc"

Is A Stand Alone Heat Pump Designed Specifically For Recreational Water Heating. Manufacturer Of The Worlds 1st Titanium Equipped Pool Heater

"R.L. Posch Co."

We Are Also Master Distributors For The State Of The Art, All Stainless Steel Hydron Module Geothermal Line Of Heat Pumps.

"R.L.M. Benelux Bv"

Heat Pumps Of R.L.M. Are An Environmentally Friendly & Energy Saving Source Of Heating.Tests By The Tno-Institute Have Shown That Rlm Heat Pumps Can Extract 5,9 Kw Of Heat From The Environment For An Energy Consumption


We are the manufacturer Of Water Source Heat Pumps.

"Residential Homes"

Our Split System Heat Pumps Offer Exceptional Cooling And Heating Performance.

"Rheem Manufacturing Air Conditioning Division"

Rheem Heat Pumps Provide Year-Round Comfort For Your Home

"Royal Air Systems, Inc"

Uses High Quality Heat Pumps. Today Newer Model Heat Pumps Perform Significantly More


Manufactures A Complete Range Of Heating And Cooling Products For Every Commercial Application. Evaporator And Condenser Coils In Condensing Units, Heat Pumps


Wholesale Web Pricing, Installation, Service, Design For Air Conditioning Refrigeration, Heat Pump

"Schuster Heating & Pump Co., Inc"

Schuster Heating & Pump Co., Inc Offers Heating And Cooling System and heat pumps for all household applications from geothermal Heating And Cooling System.

"Solar Direct"

Exporter Of Solar Pool Heating Systems, Solar Water Heating Systems And Heat Pumps

"Solar Industries"

Solar Industries Heat Pumps are a super efficient way to heat your pool or spa. The Solar Industries Heat Pump utilizes proven refrigerant technology to capture the heat in the outside air and transfer it to the pool water. Refrigerant is used because of its ability to absorb and transfer heat energy.

"Sound Geothermal Corporation"

Sound Geothermal Corporation Offers Ground Source Heat Pumps,geoexchange heat pumps systems,etc,.

"South Carolina Electric Heat Pump Association"

Distributors For Major Heat Pump Manufacturers And Electric Providers.Heat Pump Contractors, Manufacturers, Distributors, And Electric Providers To Meet Our Customers Needs.

"Southmoore Heating And Cooling"

They Are An Emc And Cp&L Quality Heat Pump Dealer. They Provide Installation Services On Heat Pumps.

"Specialty Pool Products"

Specialty Pool Products offers Aquastar Mv100 Heat Pumps,swimming pools heat pumps,etc,.

"Stanfield Air Systems"

Offer Quality Sales, Installation And Service For , Heating Sytems And Geothermal Heat Pump Systems

"Summit Manufacturing, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Cooling Coils, Heat Pumps And Hot Water Style Heating Coils

"Sunteq / Environteq"

Sunteq Geothermal Heat Pump Systems And Installlers.

"Sunteq Geo Distributors"

The Heat Exchangers Used On Geothermal Heat Pumps And Purchasing Geothermal Heat Pump Units From Other Manufacturers.

"Suraj Stainless Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps, Air Cooling Systems And Stainless Steel

"Sussman Electric Boilers"

Offers Heat Pump Auxiliary Heating Vessel Heating Anti-Freeze Protection, Preheating Of Fuel Oil Lines.

"Taco Inc."

They Give Installation Tips On Heat Pumps

"Taco, Inc."

Design And Manufacturing Of Heat Pumps

"Tesco Distributors, Inc."

Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, Air Handlers, Boilers, Chillers, Coil Cleaning Compounds

"Test Procedures For Heat Pumps And Air Conditioners"

To Provide Equitable Testing And Rating Procedures For Determining Energy Performance Of Heat Pumps

"The Dometic Corporation"

Efficient Cooling And Heating In One Package With A Versatile Duo-Therm Rooftop Heat Pump

"The Energy Outlet"

A Resource Center Promoting Electrical Energy Conservation. They Provide Proper Sizing And Installation Of Heat Pumps and also gives Suggestions While Installing Heat Pumps.

"The W.L. May Company"

Offers Heating, Thermostats, Furnace, Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, Motors, Appliance Parts, Washing Machines, Dryers, Ranges, Cooktops, Dishwashers, Compactors, Refrigerators, Ovens, Microwaves,


The-Gx.Com Provides The Opportunity To Buy And Sell Virtually All Materials And Services Utilized In The Geothermal Heat Pump Industry, Both Through Free Classified Ads And An On-Line Auction Format.

"Therma-Stor Inc"

Manufactures Heat Recovery Systems, Heat Pump Water Heaters.

"Transducer Indicators"

It Provides Heat Pumps, Radiant Panels, Heat Exchangers

"Tucson Electric Power Company."

Manufacturers Of Electric Heat Pump For Homes.

"Turcotte Inc."

Turcotte Inc. is one of the manufacturer Of Pool Heat Pumps.

"Water & Energy Systems Corp,"

The Leading Geothermal Heat Pump And Geoexchange System Design And Distribution Company Serving The Northeastern U.S.

"Water Furnace, Inc"

A Manufacturer Of Geothermal And Water Source Heating And Cooling System. Manufacturer Of Ground-Source Heat Pumps

"Wayne Mooneyham Heating & Cooling"

Wayne Mooneyham Heating & Cooling Do Installation And Service Of Heat Pumps For Heating And Cooling Products.

"Wcu, Services"

Service & Repair For Washers, Dryers, Dishwashers, Ranges, Microwaves, Ovens And Heat Pumps

"Westburne Supply ,Inc"

A Leading Integrated Wholesale Distributor Of Electrical, Plumbing, Hvac Such As Furnaces Split Systems Packaged Units Fan Coils Heat Pumps

"Westech Mechanical"

Manufacturer And Designer Of Heat Pumps

"Whipair Air Conditioner"

Offers Air Conditioners, Water Chillers, Air Treatment. Heating Pumps, Water Chillers, Water Chillers With Heat Pump

"Wright Plumbing & Heating"

Installation - Sales - Service - Repair Of Boilers & Heat Pumps And Many More For Residential And Commercial.

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