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"Abernathy-Thomas Engineering"
Distributors Of Heat Tracing Controls & Accessories And Water Scale Prevention

"Accurate Gas Control Systems,Inc.,"

Heat Tracing Systems Provide An Excellent And Proven Solution To Gas Condensation Problems

"Accutron Heatrace"

A Wide Range Of Electric Heat Tracing Cables And Heat Tracing Accessories. Manufacturer Of Mineral Insulated Heating Cables, Heat Tracing Applications, Etc.,

"Afi Inc.,"

Distributors Of Nelson Heat Tracing Systems, Custom Fabricated Heater Control

"Aker Elektro"

Has Developed A Computer Based Heat Trace Design System

"Albrico Services (1982) Ltd."

Provides Expert Execution In The Trades Of Commercial And Industrial Mechanical Insulation, Asbestos Removal, Heat Tracing, Metal Buildings, Utilidors, And Reusable Flexible Covers

"Alpine Overhead Doors"

Extremely Useful Product Developed By Alpine Is Our Heat Tracing

"American Society Of Mechanical Engineers"

In Software Use Installed Electric Heat Tracing

"Applied Products Inc."

Applications Include Industrial Heat Tracing,Construction Heat Tracing And Leak Detection.

"Armstrong International Inc.,"

Includes Heat Tracing Cables And Accessories ,Mounting Transformers And Control Panels.

"Austmont Montedison Group"

Insulation Or Protective Coating For Electrical Heat Tracing Wire To Protect Water.

"Bartec Nederland"

Elektrische Heat-Tracing

"Berwanger, Inc."

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Consulting, Heating By Heat Tracing, Coils, Ambient Heat Gain Or Fire

"Bicc Pyrotenax Co"

920 Series Digitrace Heat Tracecontroller Is Designed For Both Newinstallations&Retrofitapplications

"Burnax India"

A Leading Organization Dealing With Fuel Oil Handling Systems, Boiler Jobs, Heat Tracing And Other Related Jobs For Past Ten Years For Furnaces, Boilers And Industrial Heating Systems

"Busch Purifier"

Electric Heat Tracing/Insulation,Steam Heat Tracing/Insulation,Stainless Steel Construction. A High Velocity, Online Cyclonic Eliminator Designed To Collect Liquid Particulate

"Calco, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Metal & Heat Equipments,Tubing, Wire & Cable, Electric Heat Trace,etc,.

"Cantech Corporation"

Products Include Electric Heat Tracing,Specialty Valves And Gas Detection Equipment.

"Carotek, Inc."

Complete Steam And Electric Heat Tracing Systems For Freeze Protection

"Celtex Industries, Inc."

Leading Manufacturers Of Constant Wattage Cable, Self-Limiting Cable & Electric Heating Materials.

"Centro Inc"

Manufacturer Of Chemelex Electrical Heat Tracing Equipment.


Manufacturer Of Heat Exchangers-60hp,600rpm, Opr.Temp 400 C Agitator For Pthalic Anhydrideplant Under Shop Test Run

"Chromalox Industrial"

Chromalox Industrial Is The World`S Leading Manufacturer Of Electric Heating Components, Immersion, Heat Trace, Hvac, Temperature Controls, Control Panels, Sensors, And Complete Turnkey Systems.

"Contech Control Services, Inc."

Services Include Installation Of Heat Tracing Systems,Industrial Lighting Systems Etc.,

"Control Factors - Seattle, Inc."

Manufacturers Representative And Stocking Distributor Firm ,Heat Tracing Systems

"Controls Southeast, Inc"

Specially Designed By Csi, Controtrace Is An Economical Alternative To Jacketed Pipe While Also Providing Substantially More Heating Capacity Than Tube Tracing.

"Cortrol Process System, Inc."

Provide Excellent Thermal Insulation Offering Low Heat Loss

"Cvl Technical Sales, Inc"

On-Line Store For Industrial Immersion Heaters, Electric Heat Tracing Cable, Drum Heaters

"Diller Brown"

Distributor Of Heat Tracing

"Dimeca S.A.R.L"

Electrical Heating Elements-Immersion Heater,Ribbed Heating Elements,Heating Cartridge.

"Doco Industrial Insulators, Inc"

List Of Our Services-Industrial Insulation (Hot & Cold), Heat Tracing, Fireproofing, Soundproofing, Circulation Heaters With Controls (Fuel Gas Line)

"Dresser Engineering Company"

Develops Control Valve,Relief Valve Sizing And Heat Tracing Design-Electrical .

"Dynamic Services, Inc."

Specializes In The Fabrication And Installation Of Industrial Insulation, Removable, Reusable Insulation Covers Heat Tracing Systems In Numerous Industrial Applications.

"Edwards Fiberglass, Inc."

Optional Custom Accessories Insulation/Heat Tracing

"Electrical Products Marketing, Inc."

Introducing The Tranberg Line Of Stainless Steel Enclosure Products

"Engineered Process Equipment, Inc."

Electric Heat Tracing Cables And Accessories

"Extol Of Ohio, Inc."

Specialized In Providing Quality Fabricated Insulation Systems For Chemical, Pharmaceutical

"Faber Industrial Distribution Companies"

Industrial And Distribution Of Heat Tracing Systems

"Federal Hardware Engineering Co Pte Ltd.,"

Appointed The Agent For The Following Products-List Of Our Brands & Products - Accurton System Inc. - Heat Tracing Specialist


Manufacturing Of All Kinds Of Flexible Heating Elements For Temperature Maintenance And Freeze Protection For Process Industry ,Construction Industry ,Refrigeration And Air Conditioning .

"Flexible Products Company"

Equipment Includes Heat Traced Piping,An Elevated Container Rack And Pumping Unit.

"Fluid Dynamics Corporation"

Accutron, Inc Heat Tracing Self & Power Regulating Constant Wattage, Custom Design & Engineering

"Furon Co."

Dekoron Self-Regulating Heating Cable & Electric Heat Trace Products


Electric Heat Tracing Cable And Controls

"Gas Purification Engineering Corporation"

Services Provides Insulation And Heat Tracing Requirements.

"Gauss Integrated Engineering, Llp,"

Economic Analysis Of Heat Tracing Criteria For Outdoor Piping System

"General Eastern Instruments"

Heat Tracing-For Many Applications, A Sampling System Is Required To Extract The Heat.

"Green Controls Inc.,"

Providing Quality Instrumentation To Industry

"Gulf Coast Insulation, Inc"

Insulation, Structural Steel Fireproofing, Scaffolding, And Heat Tracing

"Hal Murphree & Associates, Inc."

Special Capabilities: Heat Tracing, Insulation, Hydrostatic Testing And Custom Molding.

"Hayward Electric Inc"

Involved In Commercial And Industrial Work Providing Engineering, Consulting And Design Capabilities

"Heat Line"

Self-Regulating Heating Cables To Regulate Their Heat Output

"Heat Trace Ltd"

Major Uses Of Heat Tracing Include Freeze Protection, Thawing, Maintaining Fluids

"Heat Tracing Specialties, Inc."

Provide Sales, Service And Installation Of Heat Tracing Systems. As A Preeminent Supplier Of Chromalox Electrical Heat Trace Systems And Controls, Hts Can Assist In The Sales, Design And Field Installation Of Various Heat Trace Systems.


Products And Services Of Heat Tracing

"Hebeler Corporation"

Engineered And Fabricated Numerous Types Of Tracing Systems Designed For The Strict Temperature

"Hi Tak Thermal & Acoustic Insulation Eng. Ltd."

Contracting In Heat Tracing Work

"High-Q Design Ltd"

Offerselectrical Heat Tracing Design

"Hinz Automation Inc"

Installation Of Prototype Pipeline Electric Heat Tracing.

"Hte Hi-Tech Engineering"

Heat Tracing Systems Design Including Concrete Surfae Heating Systems.

"Hughes Primeau Controls Inc"

Is The Leading Manufacturer Of Represantive And Distributor Of Heat Pumps

"Hughes-Primeau Controls"

Hughes-Primeau Controls Is Proud To Offer Heat Tracing From Rockbestos/Dekoron

"Industrial Specialists, Inc."

Specializing In The Areas Of Insulation, Heat Tracing, Refractory And Fireproofing.

"Ingersoll-Rand Company"

Specific Heaters And Heat Tracing Key Elements Minimize The Freezing Or Simply Relocate The Unit.

"Insul Tek"

Heat Tracing, Leak Detedtion, Multiple Pipe Sytems, Insulated And Uninsulated Pipe.

"Insulations, Inc."

Heat Tracing, Fireproofing,Refractory And Tank Insulation

"International Production Specialists,Inc."

Heat Tracing, Pipe Coils And Insulation Installed At The Plant Provide Cost Savings To The End User.


Manufacture Flipper Style Indicators, Negative/Positive Scales, Heat Tracing Equipements

"Ives Equipment Corporation"

Complete Range Of Heat Tracing Cable And Controls

"J.J. Galleher Corp."

Industrial Heating, Instruments & Controls

"James M. Pleasants Co., Inc."

Complete Range Of Heat Tracing Cable And Controls Like Thermon Electric Heat Tracing Systems.

"Jogler, Inc."

Transparent Insulation Reduces Heat Loss, Eliminates Many Heat Tracing Requirements

"Jordan, Marlar, Hale, Inc."

Electric Heating Process Heating - Elements And Complete Systems For Industrial Applications And Commercial Heating - Unit, Duct And Baseboard Heaters And Pipe Tracing Equipment

"Kefco Incorporated"

Controheat Bolt-On Jackets Are Custom Made For All Types Of Pumps, Valves And Instruments. Controtrace Is An Economical Alternative To Jacketed Piping While Providing Substantially More Heating Capacity Than Tube Tracing

"Kelly & Noviello Associates, Inc."

Represent Quality Manufacturers Of Specification And Commodity Products Each Of Which Is A Leader In Their Field Like Heat Tracing, Air Curtain Heaters, Etc.

"L.K. Comstock & Company, Inc"

Electrical Work Associated With Heat Tracing Of Chilled Water


Pecialties Include Heat Tracing Systems Fireproofing Coating And Sound Attenuation

"Lauterbach Verfahrenstechnik"

Heat Tracing Of Piping Prevents An Unacceptable Cooling Down Of A Process Fluid

"Logstor Ror A/S"

Manufacturer And Supplier Of Pre-Insulated Pipe Systems District Heating And Cooling And From Cryogenic To Hot Fluids In All Environments.

"Mack Prototype Inc,"

Urethane Casting, Rapid Prototyping, Cnc, Rapid Tooling For Heat Tracing

"Magna Iv Engineering Ltd."

Engineering Services Instrumentation And Process Control Heat Tracing .

"Magnum Fire And Safety"

Include Heat Tracing,Pressure Relief Valve,Automatic Valve Actuation Etc.,

"Maund Richard And Associates"

Provides Excellence In Engineered Products And Services Chemelex Offers Electrical Heat Tracing

"Max Machinery Inc.,"

Design Of Head Support Systems.&Nbsp, He Connection Block Is Ported For Heat Tracing Fluid.

"Mcstay Engineered Products Company"

Large Inventory Of Valves, Heat Tracing, Valve Accessories, Instrumentation, Controls, And Actuation Products On Hand

"Mechaheat B.V."

Industrial Electric Heating, Heat Tracing Systems

"Melloy & Associates Ltd"

Melloy & Associates Ltd. Provides Specialised Expertise In The Following Areas: Instrumentation, Heat Tracing, Electrical, Insulation And Metal Cladding, Heat Exchanger Fabrication Dismantling, Inspection And Repair Services.

"Mm Engineering Inc."

Provide Electrical Heat Tracing Systems,Power Distribution Systems Design Etc.,

"Monitor Heat Trace"

Manufacturing Of Heat Trace Components For Commercial

"Nelson Heat Tracing Systems"

Supplier Of Nelson Heat Tracing Systems, Electric Heat Tracing, Heat Trace Monitoring, Tank Heater Panels, Heat Tape, Constant Wattage Cable Manufacturers Representative - Portland Oregon

"New England Tank Systems, Inc"

Authorized Dealer And Installation Contractor Of Above Ground Liquid Storage Tanks

"Newtron Heat Trace"

Newtron Heat Trace Has The Resources To Perform Turnkey Heat Trace Projects Of Any Size, Safely, Efficiently And At A Highly Competitive Project Cost.

"Newtron Heat Trace"

Newtron Heat Trace Has The Resources To Perform Turnkey Heat Trace Projects Of Any Size, Safely, Efficiently And At A Highly Competitive Project Cost.

"Ogden Manufacturing Company"

Manufactures Flexible Heaters And Band Heaters, Insertion Heaters, Process Heat & Control Systems, Strip Heaters And Mini-Tubular Heaters, Radiant Process Heaters, Etc.

"Optimum Utility Systems"

Optimum Utility Systems Provides Utility Engineering, Energy Auditing, And Energy Management Services For Manufacturing Companies.

"Patron Equipment Supply Inc."

Offers Milton Equipment , Air Fittings And Heat Tracing Systems.

"Perma Engineered Sales Limited"

Electric Heat Tracing Cable - Constant Watt - Thermocable Is Manufactured By Urecon Is Offered.

"Perma Pipe Inc."

Skin Effect Current Tracing, Stereo-Heat® Impedance Tracing ,Heat Tape Traced Systems Are Electrical Heat Tracing Method For Uniform Heat On Long Pipelines.

"Petrochem Insulation, Inc."

Steam Piping Serves Companies In Petro-Chemical,Co-Generation Power, Exchangers, Steam And Process Lines Are Covered With Special Care To Ensure Temperature Stability And Installs Electrical Heat Tracing,Steam Tracing

"Phpk Technologies Inc."

Supply Systems With Heat Tracing,Heat Tapes, Or Skin Effect Whereapplications Requirea Heated System

"Pioneer Air Systems Inc"

Deliquescent Dryers Capable Of Suppressing, Or Reducing, Compressed Air Dew Points

"Power-Process Inc"

Industrial Heating And Automation Products

"Practical Engineering Shareware"

The Program Calculates Installed Piping Costs With Electric Heat Tracing And Insulation For Chemical

"Precision Fitting & Gauge Company"

Products Include Heat Tracing: Cable, Controls,Electrical, Steam Etc.,

"Process Heating"

Manufacturers Of Heat Tracing Cables,Heat Exchangers ,Infrared Heating Etc.,

"Process Instrumentation"

Manufacturers Representative Serving The Industrial Instrumentation

"Process Supplies & Accessories, Inc"

Digital Controlers For Electrical Heat Tracing Mineral Insulated Cables

"Prolite Piping Systems International(1999) Ltd"

Pro-Cor Factory Pre-Insulated Piping Systems Available With Electric Heat Tracing And State-Of-The-Art Leak Detection System If Required

"Pyromation Inc"

Temperature Sensors For Monitoring The Temperature Of Pipe Lines In Heat Tracing, System Application

"Radco Industries"

Family Of Liquid And Vapor Phase Heat Transfer Fluids Is Composed Of Synthetic And Petroleum-Based Products With Operating Temperatures From -80 To 750º F.

"Railway Technology - Thermon Manufacturing Company"

Thermon Manufacturing Company - Heat Tracing For Railway Applications- A Website For The Railway Industry.

"Raychem Corporation"

Raychem Self-Regulating Heating Cable Is Superior To Heat Tape And Steam Tracing For Pipe Freeze Protection, Process Temperature Maintenance, Snow Melting, Roof And Gutter De-Icing, And Floor Heating.

"Raychem Corporation."

Raychem Self-Regulating Heating Cable Is Superior To Heat Tape And Steam Tracing For Pipe Freeze Protection, Process Temperature Maintenance, Snow Melting, Roof And Gutter De-Icing, And Floor Heating

"Relcon Inc."

Electrical Heat Tracing Products For Freeze Protection And Temperature

"Roska Engineering Co."

Specializing In Prototype Machine Development -Turn Key Heating Systems For Industrial Applications,(Heating Plates, Vessels, Ovens- Drum And Process)Controlled Heat Tracing And Insulating Of Process Piping.

"Rovanco Piping And Systems Inc.,"

Provide Heat Tracing Components Integrated Into The Containment Pipe System.

"S.P.Mc Carl & Co.,"

Offers Sheetmetal Workers & Subcontracts Heat Tracing, General Construction, Insulation


Supplies The Finest Polyethylene Chemical Storage Tanks Available

"Scott On Plumbing"

Manufacturers Of Insulation And Heat-Trace

"Seic, Inc."

Recycled Surplus Industrial Equipment Like Heat Tracing, Air Conditioner Compressor Cores

"Sesco Electric Supply Co., Inc."

Panel Shop Specializing In Custom Built Panels, Both Ul And Non-Ul,Customer Specifications

"Siebert Engineers Inc.,"

Provide Electrical Heat Tracing Systems,Lighting Control Systems And Emergency Power Systems.

"Sinus Bobe"

Offering Is Increased With Heat Tracing For Surface Treatment Using Cables

"Smock & Schonthaler Industrial Insulation Sales Inc."

Distributor Of Heat Cable And Pipe Trace Products For Mineral Insulated Heating Cable Systems

"Southwest Heater And Controls"

There Are Two General Categories Of Electrical Heat Trace Cable-Mineral Insulated Metal Sheath And Non-Metallic Sheath Heat Trace. Applications Like · Freeze Protection For Pipes & Tanks,· Process Maintenance Heat Tracing,Etc

"Southwest Heater And Controls"

Offers Temperature Sensors Temperature Controls Pressure Transducers Instrumentation Heat Trace And More.

"Spec Sarnia Ltd."

With The Combination Of Qualified Staff And A Comprehensive Up-To-Date Product Line, We Can Provide A Level Of Service That Will Meet Company`S Expectations. Spec Product Catalogue-Electric & Steam Heat Tracing Products

"Specialty Cable Corporation"

Specialty Cable Corporation Has Been Producing Electrical Heating Cables For Over 20 Years. Furnish Frost Protection And De-Icing Functions On Power Rails

"Stanmar Manufacturing, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Heat Tracing Element Including Line Trace ,Tank Heaters,Pipe Insulation

"Strom Engineering And Sales"

Electric Heat Tracing, Self-Regulating Heat Tracing, And Mi Cable Electric Heat Tracing, Level Switch, Level Transmitter

"Swansea Consulting."

Specializes In Marketing Assistance For Industrial Heat Tracing Products-Customer Seminars .

"Technical Metals Recovery Inc."

Sulfur Recovery Process Unit-One Liquor Heater,304l Stainless Steel

"Temco, Inc."

Offers Electric/Steam Heat Tracing Turnkey Systems. Rotary, Linear, And Control Valve Actuators

"The Boeing Company"

For Maintenance And Minimal Parasitic Losses Such As Electrical Heat Tracing

"The Dow Chemical Company"

Introduce A New Synthetic, Aromatic-Based Heat Transfer Fluid, Elimination Of Costly Heat Tracing

"The Ecoflex Piping System"

Commercial, Institutional And Residential Applications, Most Prominently In Heating

"The Gsi Group (Canada) Co"

Manufacturer Of Custom Designed Carbon/Graphite Composite Heating Elements For Satellite Communication Ground Antennas, Holding And Processing Tanks, Pallet Heaters, Etc.Manufacturer Of Anti-Icing Systems For New And Existing Buildings And Structures

"Thermal Specialties, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Tracing Elements Like Steam Tracing,Electric Tracing,Low Temp Steam Tracing, Heat Transfer Cements

"Thermon Canada Inc.,"

Application Of Steamfluid Or Electric Heat To Piping, Instrumentation And Other Types Of Equipment.Process Engineering Skills To Electrical And Electronics Engineering Capabilities.

"Thermon Heat-Tracing Systems"

Thermon Self-Regulating Heatingcable Is Superior Toheat Tape&Steam Tracing For Pipe Freezeprotection

"Thermon Manufacturing Company"

Manufacturer Of Insulated Heating Cables ,Specialist In Heat Tracing

"Tracer Industries, Inc"

To Provide The Safest, Most Cost Effective Heat Tracing System


Tri-State Is An Authorized Distributor And Representative For Thermon - Electric & Steam Heat Tracing And Controls.

"Tri-State Technical Sales"

Tri-State Is An Authorized Distributor And Representative For:Cellex - Heated Instrument Enclosures And Tube Bundles., Thermon - Electric & Steam Heat Tracing And Controls.

"Triad Consulting Engineers, Inc.,"

Power Engineering For Industrial And Petro-Chemical Facilities

"Ultec Ab"


"Unit Process Company"

Unit Process Company Provides Customers & Manufacturers With Excellent Performance As An Exclusive Representative And Stocking Distributor For Internationally Recognized Manufacturers Of Heat Traces-Thermon / Cellex / Bylin

"Valquip Corporation"

Design For Freeze Protection&Process Maintenance In Industrial&Commercial Heat Tracing Applications

"Vti, Inc."

Distribution Of Electrical Power In Heat Tracing Systems.They Have Five Product Lines, Including Heat Tracing, Temperature Control, And Power Distribution Equipment.

"Wel-Built Fabricators, Inc"

Leading Manufacturer Of Polyethylene Tanks And Containers Heat Tracing & Insulation.

"Westburne Inc."

Water Heater Service Parts And Commercial Hvac Equipment. Sales Split Evenly Between Refrigeration And Hvac (Heating, Ventilation And Air Conditioning)

"Winn-Marion, Inc."

Distributors Of Heat Tracing Electric,Steam, Instrument Enclosures,Sample Tubing

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