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"Beyond Foam"
Beyond Foam Insulation is a family owned and operated business, serving Calgary and area since 2006.

"3s Korea Co., Ltd"

Constant Temperature Humidity Room And Constant Temperature Humidity Chamber

"A.W.R. Smith Process Instrumentation Cc"


"Accent Refrigeration Systems Ltd."

Design, Manufacture, Install And Service The Dehumidification System,Heat Reclaim Systems

"Accurate Climate Systems"

Temperature And Humidity Control,Single Zone System,Variable Air Volume Control

"Acei Company"

A/C Motor & Compressor Controls, Air & Humidity Controls


Manufacturer Of 15750 - Humidity Control Equipment

"Air Engineering & Conditioning Co"

Including Custom And Semi-Custom Air Handlers, Rooftops And Humidity Control Equipment.

"Air Group, Llc."

Supply And Install Honeywell Humidifier Can: Help Alleviate Upper Respiratory Problems.,Help Lower Heating Costs.,Help Prevent Static Electricity.,Make Maintenance A Snap.,Etc

"Air Technology Systems (Ats),"

Specialized Temperature&Humidity Control Equipment For Commercial,Industrial,&Military Applications

"Airex Evaporative Equipment"

Humidity Control For Paper And Textile Mills & Paintbooths, Humidity Control For Computer Clean Rooms & Printing Plants - Mountain States Equipment Company

"American Moistening Company"

Humidification, Dust Suppression, Evaporative Cooling, Humidity Sensor

"Analite Incorporated"

Manufacturer And Designer Of Relative Humidity Transmitters, Instruments & Controllers For Industria

"Armstrong International, Inc"

Retailer & Manufacturer Of Products In Humidifiers & All About Humidifiers

"Bartley Services Inc."

Specialise In Buildings To Heat If Humidity Level Is Kept At A Reasonable Point

"Bgv, Inc."

Industrialcontrolequipmentincludingtemperature,Humidity,Levels,Flow,Software,Gas Detection,Etc

"Bid-Online Construction Network Ltd."

Our Humidex Products Are Designed To Reduce Humidity And Air Quality Problems.

"Blue M Electric"

Blue M Frp Series/Full Range Programmable Humidity Chambers

"Boston Aircontrols, Inc."

Retailer Of Visonics Humidification/ Dehumidification Equipment Like H100,H200,H270 Series

"Brandstedt Controls Corporation"

Multi-Sensor, Multi-Use Wr1095 .Temperature. Pulp Temp., Humidity And Other (Inquire).


Manufacturer Of 15750 - Humidity Control Equipment

"Buildcore Inc."

Manufacturing And Distribution Of SchlÜTer®-Systems Offers A Heating Screed System. Schlüter®-Systems offers a floating or heating screed system for producing thin, lightweight, permanent flooring assemblies that are free from cracks. The basis for this system is Schlüter®-BEKOTEC-EN, a studded polystyrene screed panel, which is available with a foil covering for poured screeds or without the foil covering for conventional screeds.

"Carel Srl"


"Carolina Heat Pipe, Inc."



Standard Chillers, Chambers, Baths, And Incubators With A Focus On Oem And Custom Applications

"Carroll Appliance Parts And Service Company"

Retailer Of Electric Heating,Hot Water Dispensers,Humidifiers,Water Heaters

"Chino Corporation"

Temperature / Humidity Card Loggerthe Mr6000 Series For Easy Recording Of Temperature And Humidity

"Clayson Laboratory Apparatus Pty Ltd"

Temperature And Humidity Cabinets. Very Accurate Temperature And Humidity Control

"Cochrane Supply & Engineering,Inc."

Products Include Air & Humidity Controls, Air & Liquid Flow Controls And Air Quality Sensors.

"Controldepot Humidity Sensors"

Retailer Of Various Products In Humidistats,Relative Humidity Sensors,Duct Humidity Transmitters


Retailerof Relativehumiditysensors,Spacehumiditytransmitters,Ducthumiditytransmitters,Humidistats

"Coolercare International"

Refrigerator Humidity Control And Air Purification. Benefits Of Food Saver Refrigator Filters


Specializing In Commercial & Industrial Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning And Control Services

"Ctsi Corporation"

Manufactures And Sells Specialty Humidity Control And Outside Air Ventilation Cooling Units.Offers Water Cooled Heat Pump/Roof Top Unit 200-12,500 Cfm, And Humidity Control Equipment.

"Dehumidification Technologies, Inc."

Temporary Humidity Control For Pharmaceutical Industry,Industrialapplications,Glassmanufacturing Etc

"Dehumidifier Corporation Of America Inc."

Water Cooled Dehumidifiers,Dehumidification & Room Air Conditioning,Dehumidification & Room Heating

"Delco Controls Ag"

Range Of Electrical And Controls Used In The Air Conditioning, Refrigeration And Heating Industry,

"Desert Aire"

Specializes In Manufacturing Refrigeration-Based Dehumidifiers.

"Dgh Engineering Ltd."

Air Quality Monitoring Humidification And Humidity Control Dust And Particulate Studies

"Dgh Systems, Llc"

Manufacturer Of Industrial, Commercial And Residential Humidifiers.

"Draabe System Gmbh"

Manufactures Air Humidifiers Like The Eurofog Air Humidifier System , Bs 5/10 Humidifier

"Dri-Eaz Products, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Drizair 110,Drizair 110 Deulex,Drizair 120,Drizair 2400 Dehumidifier

"Dri-Pac Corporation"

Packaged Humidity And Temperature Control Systems For Indoor Swimming Pool Applications

"Dri-Steem Humidifier Company."

Manufacturer Of Gts ® Gas-To-Steam Humidifier System,Vapormist ® Electric Humidifier

"Drykor Ltd."

Dryline2000 Allowsinstallationinseriesorparallelfordeepdehumidificationtoverylowrh&/Orlargeair-Flow

"Drytech Inc.,"

Design Manufacture And Testing Of Humidity Control Equipment And Moisture Measuring Instruments.

"Dumont Refrigeration Corporation"


"E & E Process Instrumentation"


"E Cube, Inc."

Assists You With The Following: Hvac Performance& Installation Humidity Control

"Eco-Snow Systems, Inc"

Accu-Fab Systems California, Inc. - Humidity Control The Eco-Snow System Environment Maintains Dew Point Below -50°f.

"Economy Air Conditioning And Heating Inc."

Full Service Industrial / Commercial Mechanical Contractor

"Emerson Electric Canada Limited"

Humidifiers For The Home Or Office.Good Information Source For A Line Of Humidifiers Including Features And Benefits

"Esel Techtra Inc."

Vacuum Drying Oven , Testing, Heat And Cold, Constant Climatic Chamber With Controlled Humidity

"Ewc Controls, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Esu-14 And Esu-20 Steam Humidifiers, Models 400bp & 800bp ,Model 97, Model Sc-15, Model 200p, Model 250.

"Ewc Inc."

In 1998, Ewc Controls Acquired The Autoflo Line Of Whole House Humidifiers. This Has Proven To Be Very Successful For Us And Our Customers And Enhances Our Line Of Comfort Control Products.


Design And Manufacture Ambient Humidity Control Equipment From The Simplest To The Most Demanding Ap

"Flagler County Heating & Air Conditioning."

Offers Creative And Innovative Ways To Control Humidty

"General Eastern Instruments(Gei)"


"Geo Desictm Humidity"

Offers Mineral Tool For Humidity Control In Most Environments Like Geo Desci Tm

"Geothermal Heat Pump Consortium,Inc.,"

Provide Very Even Comfort Throughout, And Even Better Humidity Control.

"Govcon, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Humidity Control Equipment On Air Handler Unit I28

"Gran Ford Marketing & Management Services"

Temperature And Humidity Cabinets For Medical Apparatus

"Green Air Products"

Retailer Of Her-500u Humidifier 115v Utility System,Her-500 Humidifier 115v Utility Unit

"Gtg Hydroponics"

Products Are Designed For Atmospheric Control Of Co2, Heat, And Humidity In Enclosed Growing Spaces.

"Hanwell Instruments Ltd"


"Hatchery Planning Company"

Manufactures A Range Of Humidifiers As Their Ventilation Products

"Hawco Limited - Cathedral Hill, Guildford"


"Hb Cotes A/S"

Dry Air Storage Humidity Control In Non-Heated Storage Halls Offers Prevention Of Condensation On Cold Surfaces Corrosion Protection With Dry Air Process Drying In Connection With Production Of Hygroscopic Material Drainage After Flood Damage Or Drying Out Of New Buildings

"Head`S Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Inc"

We Specialize In Designing And Sizing All Of The Components Of Your Indoor Comfort System And Can Pr

"Heat Pipe Technology Inc."

Manufacturer Of Various Commercial/Industrial Dehumidifier Heat Pipes

"High Q Products"

Markets The Desert Spring Power Humidifier,An Innovative&Different Design Aimed At Superior Results

"Hioki E.E. Corporation"

Temperature/Humiditycontrol&Measurement-Like 3625,3631-20,3632-20,3633-20,3650

"Hoffman Manufacturing, Inc."

Retailer Ofhumidty Test Chambers And Incubators For Agriculture Industry

"Humidaway, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Mega Fresh, Flower Power, Awesome Air, Mega Dry For Various Purposes


In 1989, Marc Lestage And Two Other Employees Had A Great Idea: To Invent A Humidity Control Device To Solve The Century Old Problem Of Excess Humidity

"Humidity Control Systems Ltd"

Dst Dehumidifiers,Recusorb Dr Dehumidifiers,Consorb Dc Dehumidifiers,Consorb

"Huntair, Inc."


"Innova Airtech Instruments"

Mm 0037 Measures The Absolute Humidity Of Air,Can Also Express In Relative Humidity

"Intertek A.S"

Retailer Of Various Humidity Indicator Equipments Like Ms2003-3,Aec82004ne,Smd-Humitector,Ms20003-2

"J.F. Stanley & Co."


"Jaybird Manufacturing, Inc"

Manufacturer Of Humidistat Control & Solid State Humidistat.Their Goal Is To Provide Humidification, Evaporative Cooling & Chemical Application At A Competitive Price, Using Highest Quality Components.

"Jeio Tech"

Manufacturer Of Temperature And Humidity Chamber (T&H Chamber)

"K+Z Corporation Co.,Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Steam Ager Humidity Controls, Ancillary Equipment For Textile Printing

"Kathabar Inc"

Manufacturer Of Dehumidification Products Like Sp Desiccant Dehumidifiers,Conditioner Dehumidifiers.A World Leader In Industrial Dehumidification Control, Has Manufactured Dehumidification Equipment For Over 60 Years.

"Kathabar Systems Europe"

Manufacturesdehumidificationsystems&Providesinnovativesolutionsforcomplex Dehumidification Processes

"Kato Inc.,"

Design Humidity Control Equipment And Peripheral Equipment

"Kele & Associates"

Humidistats That Provide Control Of Humidifying And Dehumidifying Equipment.Humidity Processors

"Kes Irrigation Systems, Inc."

Produces Misting & Humidity Systems

"King Company"

"Humidity Control Usually Is Accomplished By Incorporating A King ""Dritemp Module"" Within The Unit."

"Korean Products Online-Nistech Corp."


"Leec Limited"


"Linric Company"

Software Developer And Engineering Services Company Specializing In Desiccant Dehumdification And Humidity Control.Data for cooling & Dehumidification.Psycal coperates in microsoft windows 3.1,Windows 95 or windows nt.

"Lr Environmental Equipment Co., Inc."

Retaileroftemperature/Humidity Chambers: Ch - 8926,Ch - 307b,Ch - 589b,Ch - 9785,Ch - 624b,Ch - 8416

"Machine Applications Corporation(Mac) Instruments"

Mac120 Moisture Analyzer For High Temperature, Absolute Humidity Measurement

"Manrose Manufacturing Ltd."

Manufacturer Of Domestic Ventilation Fans And Equipment With Over 600 Items In The Product Range,


The Home Of Humidity Monitoring And Control Offers Humidity, Temperature, Light And Flood Equipment, Air Velocity, Gas Leak, Differential Pressure, Tachometers And More.Mitsubishi Dehumidifiers,Maxi-Dri,Dryhome,Super-Dri,Hd Series- Fixed Units.

"Mee Industries Inc."

Spraying Equipment, Atomizers, Humidity Control Equipment, Air Handling Systems

"Megsinet Inc."

Manufacturer Of Humidity Control System Software For Windows, Humidity Water Reseviour


Humidity Control Equipment, Design, Installation And Service.Indoor Air Quality Assessment & Improve

"Munters Cargocaire"


"Munters Corporation"

Munters Dehumidification Division Is The Oldest And Largest Manufacturer Of Desiccant Dehumidification Equipment In The Americas

"Munters Corporation"

Munters Provides Products And Services Especially Humidity Control In Industrial, Commercial, Residential And Agricultural Applications. Humidity Control Monitor With Individual Raise And Lower Output Settings.

"Nelson Brothers,Inc."

Heating,Air Conditioning And Electrical Services

"Nichols Controls & Supply, Inc"

The Most Advanced Stand Alone Humidity Control, H1008 Automatic Humidity Control

"Northwest Mist Systems"

Provide Cooling And Humidity Services For Residential, Commercial, And Agricultural Applications. New Applications Are Developed For Fogging & Misting Systems

"Novelaire Technologies"

A Manufacturer Of Energy Recovery And Dehumidification Equipment.

"Omni Components"

Technicalsalesagents&Distributorsoperatingacrosstheunitedkingdom&Ireland, Of E + E Elektroniks Gmbh

"Osung Scientific Co., Ltd."

24 Module High Temp/Humid Chamber,Tft Lcd 12/24 Module Temp/Humid Tester(Model No : Os1-200 Th)

"Pacific Controls Ltd."

Honeywell S H775 Family Of Electronic Remote Humidity Controllers With Lcd Display

"Poly Lam Products Corp."

Supplies An Exceptional Variety Of High Quality Humidity Indication Products From Producers

"Pure Humidifier"

Offer A Complete Line Of Direct Steam Injection, Steam Heat Exchanger And Electric Self-Contained Hu

"Rafstjorn - Electrical Controls Ltd."

Stulz Humidity Control Equipment And Cooling Systems For Computers

"Renaud Electric"

Twe-E Air Handler Peace And Quiet Comfort Humidity Control Cleaner Air

"Rotronic Instrument Corp."

Manufacturer Of Sf65 Series Humistat.Offers A Comprehensive Line Of Instruments For The Measurement Of Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Water Activity And Other Humidity Parameters.

"Russells Technical Products"

Rh-Seriestemperature/Altitude/Humiditychambers,Walk-Intemperature&Temperature/Humiditychambers Etc.

"Ryan Instruments"

Manufacturing And Sales Of Temperature And Humidity Instrumentation

"Seibu Giken Dst Ab"

The Dr/Dc-Series, The New Dr-40/50 Dehumidifiers, Frigosorb Series, Econosorb Series, Rotor Units

"Semco Incorporated"

Desiccant & Heat Recovery Wheels,The Fv Preconditioner Series For Various Use

"Space Avionics"

Equipment That Is Used To Control The Humidity Of The Spacecraft Atmosphere

"Specified Air Incorporated"

Desiccant Energy Recovery & Humidity Control Equipment

"Spirax-Sarco Pty Ltd"


"Stulz Of North America, Inc."

Offfers A Range Of Humification Products In Ultrasonic Humidifiers Electrode,Steam Humidifier System

"Sutson Corp. Inc."

Moisture Odor And Humidity Control Air Conditioning Refrigeration / Freezers

"Systems Controls And Instruments Llc"

Humidifier Relay Circuit Will Activated Until The Humidity Setting Is Satisfied.

"Temco Controls Ltd"

Manufacturer Of The Lowest Cost Sensors, Valves, Thermostats And End Devices On The Hvac Market

"Texas Technologies, Inc."

Desiccantdehumidifiers&Humiditycontrol,Theaec826004necard,Thems20003-2card,Thems123card Etc

"The Breathing Company"

De-Humidifiers&Humidifier,Dehumidifier 25 Pt Delonghi,Humidifiers Hunter Healthy Plus& Other Product

"The Southern Company"

Offers Products Like Improved Single Path,Desiccant Systems,Dual Path Systems,Enthalpy Wheels

"Thermal Industries"

Manufacturing And Testing Of Environmental Test Chambers For Use In High-Tech Manufacturing And A Va

"Thermalogic Corporation."

Relative Humidity Transmitters With Temperature Option


Humidification. Atmospheric Pressure Steam Or Other Water Vapour Generator

"Thunder Scientific Corp"


"Truefog Industrial Climate Control Systems"

Truefog Usa Computerized Conrtoller Offers Temperature And Humidity Control


Offers Air Cleaning, Equipment - Fume Exhaust, Equipment - Humidity Control, Heating, Heating And Co

"Us Global Resources"

Usgr Provides A Wide Variety Of Houses For Various Agricultural Purposes

"Utopia-Aire Pte Ltd."

Hutemp Temperature And Humidity Control Equipment Precision Air-Conditioning Systems

"Venmar Ventilation, Inc"

Remote Wall Control Options For Use In All Venmar Esvs Except The Hrv450w Hrv1000w, And Roofpack

"Venta Airwasher Llc."

Manufacturers And Distributors Of Humidifier-Purifier All In One Air Cleaners.

"Vernier Software & Technology"


"Vesper Research, Inc."

Humidifier Has Been Featured In Better Homes And Gardens Good Housekeeping, Home And Garden

"Viconics Electronics Inc."

H100 Humiditytransmitters,H200 Single/Dualoutputhumiditycontrollers,H270 Advancedhumiditycontroller

"W.A. Brown & Son, Inc."

Walk-In Coolers/Walk-Infreezers/Step-Incoolers,Convenientstorecoolers/Climatecontrolledrooms Etc

"Wadsworth Control Systems Inc"

Wadsworth Controls Makes Electrical And Electronic Controls For Greenhouses And Their Products Includes Electronic And Thermostatic Temperature And Humidity Controls

"Way Technovation"

The Dehumidifier Specialist.Supply, Install, Design And Build Drying & Dehumidifying Equipment

"Western Enviormental Services Corporation(Wescor)"

Manufacturer`S Representative Serving Engineers And Mechanical Contractors In The Hvac And Plumbing That Includes Dehumidification And Humidification Products

"Xytek Industries Inc."

Retailer Of Thermotron Cooling Unit:Xcu-002d As Their Equipment Cooling System

"Zesta Engineering Ltd."

A Manufacturer / Distributor For Heating Industry Heaters, Controllers, Sensors, Scrs, Power Controllers, Temperature Controllers, Custom Control Pannels, Radiation

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