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"A.E.Concrete Precast Products Ltd."
Manufactures A Wide Variety Of Headwall Structures Designed For Retaining The Pipe Inlets&Outlets.

"Acme Cryogenics, Inc"

Valves Operate Reliably For Years At Temperatures That Range From Desert Heat To -452of.

"Acorn Engineering Company,Inc."

Offers Vertical Standpipe Supplied Valves And Hose Valves.

"Adam Technologies, Inc."

Iec 320 Inlets And Outlets With Power Outlet / Nema Receptacles.

"Adco Engineering And Supply Co.,"

Specializes In The Design&Manufacture Of Solenoid Valves &Control Components For Various Application

"Ainsworth Engineering (Pty) Ltd."

Provides Inlet And Outlet Valves-Sleeve Valves,Butterfly Valves,Ring Needle (Plunger) Valves.

"Ametek Rotron Technical Motor Division Industrial Products."

Provides Blower Accesories Like Diverter Valve And Relief Valve.

"Analytichem Corporation."

Offers Inlets And Outlets Valves Like Switching Valve A,Preparative Injection Valve B.

"Antique Hardware & Home Store"

Offers Remote Pressure Balancing Valve With Hot Water Inlets And Outlets.

"Applied Energy Company"

Products Include Valves,Heat Exchanger, Aec Custom-Built Hydraulic Power Units, Gear & Piston Pumps.

"Architects` First Source & Exponet, Inc."

Installations And Services Of Air Outlets And Inlets.

"Belimo Aircontrols (Usa), Inc."

Offers Inlet And Outlet Control Valves Like Characterized Control Valves,Electronic Globe Valves.

"Bgi, Incorporated"

Design And Performance Of A Low Flow Rate Inlet For Aerosol Sampling.

"Bondioli & Pavesi S.P.A."

Offers Monobloc&Sectional Control Valves With Range Of Sizes,Configurations&Options For Requirements

"Buchanan P.E. Consulting"

Specializing In Electrical, Mechanical And Electrical Outlets Layouts

"Cableform Ltd."

Provides Products Like Hand Dryer Elements/Inlet And Outlet Types.

"Cagles Appliance Center"

Product Features Compact Size, Flat Back And Angles Dual Air Inlets Allow Placement Closer To Walls.

"Celtex Industries, Inc."

Represent Who Produce High Quality,State-Of-The-Art Product To Meet Your Automated Valve Requirement

"Component Hardware Group, Inc."

Suppliers Of Inlets-Fast Installation By Providing Adjustability Of Different Faucet.

"Crevet Pty Ltd"

Crevet Building Services Manufacture Cast Iron Products Including Mechanical Joint Systems And Inlet

"Del-Air Systems Ltd."

Del-Air Design Is Based On The Use Of Exhaust Fans, Fresh Air Inlets, Heat Exchangers And Controls.

"Denc Ltd."

Denc Valve,Automatic Radiator Bleed Valve Manufactured By Denc Ltd.

"Engineering Mechanics Research Corporation (Emrc)"

Nisa/Heat3&Display Iii Usesradiationsymmetryplanes&Outletsradiationoutlets(Windows),Symmetryplanes

"Eos Technologies Srl"

Offer Universal Drivers For Open-Loop Proportional Valves,Heat Exchangers Air-Oil And Water-Oil Etc.

"Equipment Specialists Inc."

Manufacturers Of Heating System 2`Bevel Seat Inlet And Outlet Valves.

"F.W. Oventrop Gmbh & Co. Kg"

Products Include Radiator Valves,Control Valves,Boiler & Pump Valves,Heating Oil Valves For Tanks.

"Fratelli Pettinaroli S.P.A."

"Manufactures Of Valvole Ad ""H"": Single Pipe Series And Double Pipe Series."

"Generic Equipment Co."

Certified Manufacturer, Produces A Complete Industrial Line Of Inlets And Outlets Valves.

"Globtek, Inc."

Provides Iec 320 Power Inlets And Outlets, Connectors And Polysnap.

"Go Regulator, Inc."

Provides Two Stage Brass Alloy 360 Regulator For Relief Valve And Cga Fittings.

"Guardian Fire Equipment,Inc."

Auto Regulating Valves For Use As A Hose Outlet Valve Where Inlet Pressures Require Regulation.

"Hart And Cooley Inc"

Manufacturer Of Registers, Grilles, Diffusers, Chimney Systems, And Gas Venting Products.

"Heat-Timer Corporation"

Has A Complete Line Of Motorized 2-Way Steam Valves, 3-Way Mixing Valves ,Etc.,

"Holby Valve Company, Inc"

Holby Tempering Valve Is Used In Regulating Temperatures For Engines,Heating Systems,Compressors Etc

"Horng Chih Corporation."

Manufacturers Of Heating System Accessories Like Ac Inlets And Ac Outlets.

"Hurst Boiler & Welding Company, Inc."

Accessories Include Inlet Ducts,Soot Blowers,Cleanout Hoppers,Feedwater Systems And Control Systems

"Iprocessmart Group, Inc"

Manufacturers Of Inlet &Outlet Valves , Operators,Solenoid Valves And Also Check Valves.

"J&W Scientific Incorporated."

Liners Are Designed To Fit Standard Instrument Manufacturers Inlets And Outlets Accessories.


Bellows Sealed Valves,Built To Ansi -T & Y Pattern, To Reduce Voc Emission&Control Hazardous Fluids

"Kefco Incorporated"

Provides The Exact Ball Valve And Actuators To Meet The Most Demanding Application Requirements.

"Kice Industries."

Inlets/Outlets-Most Models Offer A Choice Of Either Round Or Square Inlet And Outlet.

"Koi Outlets"

Effective Method Of Controlling The Water Temperature Of Fish Tanks And Ponds

"Kth Sales,Inc."

Providing Inlet And Outlet Valve-Manual And Actuated For Control And Shut Off Of Liquid Flow.

"Lab Glass"

Products Include Fritted Inlet Tube, Short Bottom Tube,31802 Bubbler, Pyrex® Brand, Bubbler Etc.,

"M&I Air Systems Engineering"

Creates A Computer Designed Outlet Attenuator

"Mar-Val Process Equipment, Inc."

Representing Manufacturers Of Engineered Process Equipment-Industrial Valves&Heat Transfer Equipment


Offers A Wide Selection Special Accessories For Boat Inlets, Outlets.

"Marine Specialty"

Products Include Globe Control Valves,Custom Control Valves,Check Valves,Diaphragm Valves Etc.,

"Marquest Scientific Inc"

Specializes In Design, Development And Manufacturing Of Precision Products

"Mechanical Equipment Company, Inc"

Services All Kinds Of Valves Such As Inlets , Outlets , Check Valves.

"Mechanical Service International"

Specializing In Heat Recovery Steam Generators,Water Treatment,Valves,Pumps,Boilers,Condensers Etc.,

"Metrex Valve Corp."

Manufactures The Broadest Line Of Water Regulating Valves Available For Heat Transfer Purposes.


Supplier And Service For For Contactless Chipcard Inlets And Combi-Card-Inlets

"New Sunnyland Industrial International Ltd."

Stz Series Automatic Thermostatic Valve-Applicable For The Hot-Water Concentrated Heatsupply System.

"Nickson Industries Inc"

Manufactures Of Gaskets, Heat Riser Valves And A Complete Line Of Heat Risers And Fasteners Etc.,

"Orca Corporation"

Emphasize On Rotating Machinery&Associated Equipment,Pipeline Valves,Heat Exchangers& Control Panels

"Pneumadyne, Inc."

Manufacturer Of Outlets & Inlets Valves Like 2&3-Way Valves And 4-Way Valves.


Manufacturers Of Iec 320 Power Inlets,Outlets And Connectors.

"Qualtek Electronics Limited"

Manufacturers Of Products Like Appliances Coupler And Power Inlet And Outlet

"R&B, Inc.:"

Takes Care Of Heating, Cooling, Plumbing And Electrical Services

"Restek Corporation."

Inlet Supplies For Hewlett-Packard Gcs With Inlet Seals & O-Rings .

"Robertshaw Controls Company"

Heating Controls Is Equipped With Inlet/Outlet Screens&Bleed Gas Filter To Reduce The Risk Of Valves

"Ross Controls, Inc."

Installation Of Valve Inlets,Valve Outlets,Valve Exhausts And Pilot Pressure.

"Scientific Instrument Services"

Offers New Probe Inlet System Which Greatly Improves The Seal Life And Reliability.

"Sharpe Manufacturing Company"

Manufacturers Of Sharpe Air Adjusting Valves With Air Inlet And Outlet.

"Smico Manufacturing Company Llc"

Smico Is Routinely Custom Fit To Both The Application And The Installation With Inlet And Outlet.

"Spm Flow Control,Inc."

Spm Emergency Relief Valves Provide Over-Pressure Protection With 1502 M Inlet, Line Pipe Outlet .

"Superior Hard-Surfacing Co., Inc."

Products Include Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers & Bundles,Fcc Slide Valves,Pressure Vessels Etc.,

"Taco, Inc."

Products Include Circulators,Zone Valves,Zone Control,Heat Exchangers,Pump Accessories,Tanks Etc.,

"Teknocraft, Inc."

Teknocraft`S Expertise In Designing And Is A Leader In Proportional Valve Design.

"The Unico System"

Delivers Quiet, Draft-Free Heating Or Cooling

"Therm-Omega-Tech, Inc."

Self-Contained Valves To Temper Outflow To A Specified Temperature. Provides The M/D Valve For 3-Way Mixing Or Diverting Applications From Two Inlet Ports.

"Thermoceramix, Llc"

"Tcx Heated; Pumps, Impellors, Valves, Pipes, Vessels, Tanks, Frits, Filters,Connectors, Gaskets,Etc."

"Tom L. Brandt & Associates, Inc."

Represents Ultraprobes,Ultrasonic Leak Detection Equipment,Heat Exchangers, Butterfly Valves Etc.,

"Tranter Phe, Inc."

Designed To Withstand More Than 25 Psi And Full Vacuum& To Prevent Interference With The Transformer

"Ue Systems Inc."

Typical Applications Pressure Vacuum Leaks,Heat Exchangers,Valves,Steam Traps,Bearings,Gears Etc.,

"Unico, Inc."

Humidity Reducing Central Heating And Cooling System Designed For Installation

"Unifin International, Inc."

Design And Manufacture Transformer Oil Valves,And Provide The Highest Quality Re-Manufactured Pumps.

"Universal Plant Services,Inc.,"

Designed To Heat Hollow Bolts&Studs As Found On Steam&Gas Turbines,Stop Valves&Large Heat Exchangers

"Valquip Corporation"

Offers The Quarter-Turn Valves Including Butterfly Valves,Rotary Valves,Ball Valves,Check Valves Etc

"W.T. Bryan & Associates, Inc.,"

Manufacturers Rep Selling Chemical Equipment, Pumps,Pipe,Heat Exchangers,Tanks,Valves And Mixers.

"Walther Electric."

Installation-Clousure Caps Provide Watertight,Splashproof Protection To Disconnected Plugs & Inlets.

"Walvoil S.P.A."

Provides Products Like Inlet Cover,Unloader Valve And Outlet Port For Electro-Hydraulic Control Kit.


Deals With Floor Outlet Systems

"Wesman Group Of Companies"

Manufactures A Complete Range Of Accessories Like Ratio Control Valves, Pressure Regulating Valves.

"Winsert Inc"

Manufacturer Of Cast Valve Seat Inserts And Developing Heat And Wear Resistant Alloys.

"Wyeco Auto Valves Co., Ltd."

Cylinder Actuated Valve,Hyper-Cryogenic Emergency Shutt-Off & Flanged Y-Type Cylinder Actuated Valve

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